After having a miscarriage , do you go to the doctor? Is there anything they need to do to make sure all tissue etc is out? I was only 6 weeks along.

Mel Marie 2 likes

I'm So sorry for your loss 😔 I would go to the doc just in case.

Ariana 2 likes

Thanks @Mel Marie. I have an appointment for tomorrow. This whole experience Is reaking havoc on my body.

MommyJ 0 likes

So sorry about that Ariana🙏

Mak3 W 0 likes

I'm So sorry for your loss. I didn't Do anything. I bled for a few days then it stopped.

Stephanie B 0 likes

So sorry! I was 6 weeks as well with my loss. Yes you are doing the right thing. Praying❤️

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