Any mommies have advice on inducing labor?! I'm 38 weeks and miserable. Beyond ready for baby to get here!

Jeralynn J 0 likes

I walked a lot and it helped me a lot.

Ashley T 0 likes

When I was prego my doctor told me to stay active, I know you are at the end of the road but keep walking, or working and this might be TMI (too much info) but sex helps too! Good luck!

Ellie C 1 like

Lots of walking... Walking somehow helps your body prepare for labor. At least that's what I was always told. I walked a lot during my pregnancy and baby arrived two weeks before due date. Hope this helps.

Ashley C 0 likes

Take a warm bath, walking around, spicy foods, have more sex lol just some things you can do at home :)

Teresa G 0 likes

Nipple stimulation, stair climbing, good sex/orgasms...

Keakea A 1 like

I wouldn't do it if not needed because the more baby is in there then the healthier he/she will be

Carla B 0 likes

I admit...I did it at 39 weeks for the same reason, and anxiety was getting the best of me. She's doing great! No problems

Fab M 4 likes

Squats, walk ALOT, sex, and nipple stimulation! Good luck! :)

Jakesmom0203 C 1 like

I agree ^^ all that seemed to help me. If this is your first child you usually go full term. Good luck!! :)

Kaylie S 3 likes

Walking up and down stairs put me into labor with my first one and sex worked for the second! I definitely understand being miserable and ready!

Holly P 0 likes

Drink some homemade ginger tea. That worked for me, plus sex, and walking a lot.

Ciara B 0 likes

Found this Pin on squats. Im going to start doing more šŸ˜

Michele J 1 like


Gloria V 0 likes

Walk a lot and sex :)

Cheyenne R 0 likes

Sex sex sex. A fun way to induce labor ;)

Jenn S 0 likes

All of the above and also spicy foods

Valerie D 0 likes

Yes, sex helps a lot! Walking helps too.

Carlye M 0 likes

I tried everything when I was 39 weeks pregnant, even having my membranes stripped twice, and my daughter still was 6 days late. They will come when they are ready!

Jocelyn R 0 likes

Eating fresh pineapple it helps to thin out the Cervix good luck !!

Lyndsay M 0 likes

I walked a ton, I bounced on an exercise ball, and I had sex. She came 1 day early, and I had my membranes swept twice. 2nd time put me into labor :) baby will come when baby is ready.

Emma G 0 likes

There is really nothing you can do that little monkey will decide when they are ready. I tried walking sex spicey food stairs bouncing on the yoga ball and anything google could suggest she was a week late and I had to be induced!

Ashley H 0 likes

Castor oil broke my water.

Haley H 0 likes

All of these were very helpful!!! Going to try them out! Unfortunately I can't try the sex advice because my husband is terrified he's going to hurt the baby.. Even though the doctor assured him that that wasn't possible lol

Rachel P 0 likes

Sex. Sex sex Walking only gets them further down doesn't help the cervix thin or anything.

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Erin S 0 likes

You could ask your doctor for a sweep. It's painful but it can induce labour :)

Genevieve H 0 likes

Raspberry leaf tea

Alexandria W 0 likes

Castor oil can be painful and all it did for me was make my contractions closer and broke my water it didn't help with my cervix at all. I took it on Monday night around 11:30 pm and had my son Wednesday at 6:18 at about 38 1/2 weeks.

Alexandria W 0 likes

At the least castor oil had my doctor induce me.

Kristen P 0 likes

Your so close to the end!! Your almost there those last weeks are the toughest. Honestly the best thing you can do is relax get your nails done, massage. The baby will come when he/she is ready. You have made it this can do it!

Haley H 0 likes

Baby number one was so much easier than this one! My first pregnancy was a breeze! This pregnancy has been awful and painful! She has been super low the entire time and caused so much pain. Ready for her to just be here already!!'

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