So.. We thought our almost 4 month old had acid reflux. I breastfed exclusively until 3 months and gave him ranitidine to help, well it didn't so I switched him to enfamil gentlease formula and omeprazole. He still throws up an awful lot. He doesn't seem upset after puking he still smiles after so I wonder if he doesn't have acid reflux but just throws up a lot. I'm going to try switching to similac sensitive and see if that helps. What have you moms done that helped with excessive throwing up?

Ma W 0 likes

I was on gentlease... Switched to similac sensitive and seemed to make it worse so switched back to gentlease using dr brown bottles. He still throws up but isn't miserable and now that he has started solids, it's getting better...I tried the acid reflux meds and those didn't help! Good luck!

Clare B 1 like

I use similac for spit up and my daughter is on Zantac. Helps a ton!

Kendra B 0 likes

Adding cereal to his bottle the ranitidine and other meds aren't suppose to stop the throwing up they just make it more comfortable for baby no burning etc I pump and supplement with formula I heard the enfamil AR formula is amazing and helps a lot if you can afford it

MommaJ 0 likes

The orange similac? Ranitidine is the generic for Zantac but it didn't seem to be working, which is why I switched. The new medicine doesn't seem to work either though? Im going to switch him to similac and try that for a couple weeks and if it continues then I may switch back to the Zantac..

Wendy B 1 like

He may be drinking a lot of milk, us spanish women say that when a baby spits up its the reason they are getting big cause they are getting a lot of milk. Try going down maybe half an oz. or try burping LO after every 2oz. :)

Ali M 1 like

He might have a milk allergy try soy formula

Jessie A 0 likes

My LO was on Zantac until she outgrew the dose. Now she has on Prevacid and it has helped a lot.

MommaJ 1 like

He only eats 4 oz every 2-3 hours. And he is a little guy only weighs 12lbs 4 oz and he's almost 4 months.. I do burp him halfway through his bottle but he still throws up a lot. I prop him on his boppy for 30-60 minutes after he eats.. But he still throws up.. It's a pretty good quantity too!

Christine 0 likes

That sounds a lot like my son. I tried everything, it was so stressful! We settled on Similac sensitive, the orange one. I remember him throwing up at least 1oz after each feeding. After 9m it magically stopped. I just had to weather the storm and wait for his little stomach to mature. It wasn't pretty and I seriously tried everything the Doctors recommended. Nothing helped but now he's 17m, perfect and thriving! Hang in there, It will get better :)

MommaJ 0 likes

I was told Prevacid is the only thing that worked for a lot of people. His pediatrician actually recommended that but it's $300 a month with his insurance, and I just can't do that! So we settled on Omeprazole. I'm hoping the similac helps, if not I am not really sure what to do. He doesn't act upset after so I've been told he may just be a happy spitter but even if he acts happy that doesn't mean he doesn't hate throwing up all the time.. :-/

Paula B 0 likes

My daughter did that and ended up having a milk protein allergy. We put her on nutramigen and never had an issue after that. We tried soy before Nutramigen and it turned out she's allergic to soy. So I'd talk to his doc before switching.

MommaJ 0 likes

Isn't similac sensitive lactose free?

Momma To T 0 likes

I used similac omega 3&6 & my LO spit up & got constipated so I tried similac sensitive & that made it worse, so we tried parents choice with iron(only available at Walmart) & it worked amazing!!!

Samantha A 0 likes

Similac ailmentum and Prevacid did the trick for my son

Stacy 0 likes

Switch to Enfamil for acid reflux has rice cereal built in so it's a little heavier and baby won't spit up

Heather B 0 likes

My 4 month old is the same way, doctor says as long as he's gaining weight it's not a concern. Burp more often and I wouldn't switch formulas too often, they say it take 4-6 weeks to get use to a different formula. Good luck

Mollie B 0 likes

There is nothing you can do for the amount of spit up. Zantac will help with pain and it will eventually stop by 5-6 months.

Crystal D 0 likes

I used Rice cereal and fruity baby food in my daughter bottle to help her hold it down with her doctors permission.

MommaJ 1 like

He is on enfamil gentle ease right now and it doesn't work. I also tried rice cereal it didn't help either, he actually didn't react to the rice well at all. He seemed extra fussy with it I tried it for like a week and it was a rough week then as soon as I quit he was fine. I was thinking maybe introducing organic oatmeal.

Amy M 0 likes

My LO is on Similac Sensitive for fussiness and gas as well as ranitidine. He spits up often so I consulted the doctor. Apparently, the ranitidine only works to decrease the acidity of the gastric juices that are brought up with acid reflux. Nothing stops the actual reflux action so babies with acid reflux will spit up very often. As long as he is gaining weight and not in pain then the doc said there is nothing to worry about.

Jayde H 0 likes

My LO is breastfed and spits up like crazy. I don't Medicate her-as long as she's gaining weight it's just normal baby stuff...their digestive system just isn't fully developed

Jenn M 0 likes

My son was on similar sensitive but it's for lactose intolerance, not acid reflux.

Aida R 0 likes

Try enfamil infant formula the yellow one

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