A lot of my family members (in a nice way) keep telling me I need to sleep train by letting baby cry it out. I'm not completely against it, I just don't feel it's right for my baby. Anyone have successful sleep training tips for babies that have had colic in gas problems?

Elizabeth A 1 like

I don't believe in that there has been study's coming out that it is not good to let your baby cry it out.. I don't have any good tips but I agree with u

Brooke T 0 likes

I agree with comment above... Babies don't come with manuals! Do as you feel comfortable it's your baby!

Jessica M 0 likes

How old?

Ashley L 2 likes

Also, sleep training (in my opinion) depends on how old your baby is. But I could never do the CIO method.

Coryn P 0 likes

The most I've ever been able to let my baby cry is 5min...tops!! My sister in law and brother will let their son cry for HOURS. I can't. When I'm there I go pick him up after 30min and they fume. But I can't help it! It breaks my heart. My baby was colicky, but she outgrew it around 6mo and we started sleep training around 7 or 8mo I think. I would lay her down and just go back on every single time she cried. It probably took longer than some people, but it worked. She puts herself to sleep now

Nata C 2 likes

If you don't feel it's for you, don't do it. I can't let my baby cry for long. You are the mother and you know what's best for your baby, not other

Megan M 0 likes

He's 6 months and has never been a good sleeper.

Kiersta M 1 like

I don't personally believe in letting a child cry it out... They are crying for a reason, so why keep them from feeling comforted? Do whatever you feel is best :) Moms know best<3

Teresa M 0 likes

My son was colic n gas but the only thing that would calm him was music same song over and over lol. I'd rock him and lightly pat him in back n rub it then after bit laid him down and he's go to sleep but if I turned my iPod off he'd wake up instantly lol he's odd though

Teresa M 0 likes

Also he's my third baby. The other 2 weren't colicky so they cried it out and they r fine. Ages 11 and 7 both girls. My son is 1 1/2 now

Diana T 2 likes

I don't think it's a good idea. My in laws told me the same thing but I've been told that, if you let your LO cry themselves to sleep often they tend to lose their attachment to their parents.

Chelsey H 0 likes

6 months is probably still to young. We waited until 8 mths to sleep train and were pretty successful. We let our LO cry for 10 minutes, then went in to comfort without picking up. He rarely made it to 10 minutes, usually fell asleep within 5. It did not affect attachment, he is very loving and attached to both me and my husband.

Julia : 1 like

I have a 6 month old. I found that if I tried too hard to get her to fall asleep I was actually keeping her awake. I started laying her in her crib sleepy but awake and turning on her tranquil turtle (which plays the sound of waves and puts the waves on the ceiling) & she started going right to sleep. She may fuss but for like 30 seconds or less. (I get her if it's over 2-3 min but she doesn't usually go that long). But that's my baby and they are all different. We don't really do CIO.

Ruth N 0 likes

I don't let my dd go more than 5 min crying. They are too young and studies have shown that they don't understand why you aren't comforting them. Raises there stress levels and yours!! What is it with this idea that we should stop parenting at night?!?! Just because we're tired we should stop doing what we (hopefully) do all day!!

Chelsey H 1 like

It's not about stopping parenting at night it's about teaching the baby to self soothe. I am a mother 24/7, even when I was sleep training my child.

Ruth N 0 likes

I teach self soothing too... Just choose a different method. It's all just what your comfortable with.

Chelsey H 0 likes

And that's true but you don't need to say that people are stopping parenting at night just bc they don't chose the same way you do.

Jessica M 0 likes

Check out the "Ferber method."

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