My 8wk old baby girl has had trouble with constipation and gas anyone have some good tips to get her back on track?

Trena T 2 likes

Miralax! Worked wonders for my son. We do a tablespoon, once a day.

Kristin P 0 likes

Highlands brand has gas relief tablets. They worked wonders for my daughter.

Alexis U 0 likes

Mixed with formula?

Christina G 0 likes

COLIC CALM(gripe water)

L P 1 like

Dark Kyro syrup up to 3 times a day at a tablespoon each time... My daughter was so constipated and after the first try the Kyro instantly helped

Samantha R 0 likes

You can do the gerber prune juice just dilute it a bit with distilled water. Or if it gets to bad try sticking a thermometer rectally that's what the ER told me with my daughter.

Kendra S 0 likes

Dealt with that with my son during his first few weeks. If your using formula, gentalease helped my son. Also if it's causing them pain you can buy the suppositories for 2-5 year olds (they don't make them for any younger) and just use half of one. My doctor had my do that. If nothing else it at least helps relieve some pain and pressure from not being able to go. Hope it gets better!!

Brittaney D 1 like

We used the gas drops with my son. We just put them in a bottle with his milk and give it to him that way. Works like a charm!

Alysha B 1 like

You could try taking a rectal temperature or lay baby on back and move legs like riding a bicycle

A M 1 like

Mylicon gas drops work magic! My LO had the most difficult time with gas! I mix 1 drop per ounce in her bottle everyte she eats and she hasn't had a problem since we started!

Christine 1 like

I do the same as Trena for my 3m baby girl. Miralax once every other day since she was about 4w has kept her regular. She's exclusively formula fed and before the Miralax I was giving prune juice daily and it was just horrible, runny diarrhea. Also, I water down the bottle I give with Miralax. I put an extra half oz of water and that tiny bit of extra water has made a huge difference too.

A M 0 likes

For the constipation her dr told me to give her 1oz of apple juice a day and that's worked wonders for her constipation.

Alexis U 1 like

I will definitely have to try the miralax, I gave her prune juice it didn't help at all.

Scarlett L 0 likes

Probiotic powder for babies, or Apple juice (2oz)

Sarah S 0 likes

Gas drops. We put a drop in every 4th bottle. And the firs bottle of the day would have an oz of prune juice.

Amanda M 1 like

Half an ounce a water will probably work the pediatrician told us to do one oz prune juice with one oz water but my baby is almost 3 months and maybe your baby's too small for that yet

Sarah S 0 likes

My lo was actually in the hospital with acid reflux and bad constipation at 5 weeks, and the nurse did half an oz with half an oz of water and it worked. But we didn't every day. We did once maybe twice a week

Leen C 1 like

Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops, Gripe Water, but the BEST is Karo Corn Syrup works almost immediately !!

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