I can't keep my 7 week old from sleeping on her side. It's literally impossible..I go straighten her out and she just rolls right back over. I worry about an increased risk of SIDS but have no idea how to keep her on her back! Anyone experience this? Should I worry?

Haley K 0 likes

You should bring this up to your pediatrician cuz they're might be something u can buy to help with but I can't remember what it was

Mommyof3under3 1 like

It is safe for babies to sleep on their sides. I actually had to prop both my babies on their sides bc they spit up when flat on their backs. My pediatrician told me to do that.

Laura W 1 like

My 5 week old does the same thing. It's fine, if they can roll to their side then they can roll back to their back. As long as their face isn't up against anything then it's fine.

Angela K 1 like

My daughter is 10 weeks old and she does the same thing. As soon as we lay her down she immediately rolls to her side. I let her sleep this way because i know that she can roll back to her back. I've seen her during the day roll from back to one side, back to back, and to the other side. I posted a similar question the other day and someone suggested rolling towels or receiving blankets and placing them down by the hips so they cannot roll.

Rebecca W 0 likes

As long as they can roll back there ok no worries

Angela M 2 likes

My 10 week old has been doing it for weeks and I asked my pediatrician about it. She says it's normal and there is not much you can do about it. He actually sleeps better on his side because it brings his hands together (since he hates swaddling) and decreases his startling! I wouldn't worry about it too much! Get some more sleep yourself ;)

Teri L 0 likes

I also have put receiving blankets rolled up down at his sides. My lo is 10 weeks now I don't do it anymore. He wiggles a lot and now is pushing himself to the top of the basinett

Erin H 0 likes

My LO loves sleeping on her side. It makes her feel safe I think. Usually she would be laid down on her side then roll to her back. Keep the crib clear of stuff, make sure the sheet is tight n input a fan on low for mine. It is stressful but it will lessen as time goes on.

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My daughter has been sleeping on her side since 6 weeks and about 2 weeks ago she started rolling over on her belly and going to sleep, there's no point in rolling them back over bc ur just gona lose sleep by waking up to do this. Drs frown upon belly sleeping but if they cAn turn their heads and have some what control with it they're fine

Lisa V 1 like

I have 4 kids and I always put them on their side or stomach to sleep. If you put your baby on their back all the time they will develop a flat head It's not natural

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It should be ok as long as crib is void of blankets, stuffed animals, etc. no crib bumpers...

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The doctors used to say lay babies on their side and then they said stomach now on their back. So I feel whatever works best for your baby is fine. I have always read that having a fan on and giving a baby a pacifier helps reduce the risk of SIDS so maybe try these to help calm some nerves.

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if your baby's sleep position is concerning you, but you can't stop her from rolling, try either the angelcare baby monitor, or the snuza. both are intended to detect baby's breathing movements, and will alarm if no movement is detected within 15-20 seconds. obviously this doesn't mean it's perfectly fine for you to put baby on her side or tummy and think she's 100% safe, but it can help to ease your mind when used in conjunction with other safety measures, such as giving the paci. :)

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Wow Thank you! These are all such great answers.

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