Ok mommas!My son is 7 months.Ever since he was born he's had problems pooping.First we did everything then we discovered prune juice, it worked at 1st.We tried all formulas, similac helped at first.He's had X-rays n nothin is wrong with him.Sweet potatoes were working for a bit to. But now the only thing that some what works is giving him a little baby laxative.It's still really hard and big turds and cries going to the bathroom.Can anybody help me? We've tried all juices, syrup, formulas, etc.

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I've gone through everything for a while we did Karo syrup and that worked. We did the baby laxatives that worked for a little. Now at a year old doctors have her taking a teaspoon of miralax every other day and that's doing it for her. I don't recommended it for a 7 month old though . I guess try the Karo

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Do you give your LO water? Some peds don't recomend it but it helps. Hope this situation gets better for you.

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Miralax worked for my daughter.

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My son had problems when he was young too and I would put a lil karo syrup in his bottle and it would help. When he got big enough to chew things I started giving him raisins. They really worked well.

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He's 7m so he can have water. It might help to soften it up. Hard to say what will actually work if you've tried so many different things. Isn't there anything the doc can prescribe?

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What my Dr. Told me was that you need to allow a minimum of 2 or more weeks to allow the babies digestive system to adjust to new formula. If you change it before then you aren't getting a accurate judgement on how they react to it. Also, if he's having problems pooping give 5-15 mL of pure mineral oil once a day. It's natural and seems to work well.

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My little girl is now two and had always had problems going to the bathroom. We tried all kinds of things, and we too have had tests ran. We still can't seem to figure out the problem, but the one thing the doctor suggested that worked every time is maalox. She has gotten much better over time, so maybe it's just something that they have to grow out of? Good luck.

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P foods - peaches, prunes, plums, pears Other stone fruit - nectarines, apricots Fruit with lots of water - watermelon, grapes Avoid apples and bananas. Both can be constipating for some people.

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My daughter was constipated for about 2 months from the time she was born, I did Karo syrup worked a bit then prune juice, water, the thermometer in the butt and those helped but just for the mean time. I know you said you tried all formulas but I gave my daughter nutramigen enflora with LGG and as soon as she started drinking that no more constipation. It has probiotics in it to help them go poop. Hope this helps 😊

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Unfiltered apple juice or diluted Gatorade helped my son

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We gave our LO lots of water threw the day and infant colic drops once or twice a day and he was so much more comfortable. Soothe ur LO as much as possible. Rub LO tummy back and just be there for comfort. Poor baby

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My older son (now 4 years) had the same issue when he was an infant. Our pediatrician recommended giving him miralax (small amount in a bottle of breastmilk/formula once per day) and it really helped more than anything else! Ask your doctor and then give it a try. Otherwise I'd additionally recommend the P baby foods-- peaches, pears, prunes. Avoid bananas and apples along with other binding foods. Good luck!

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We do yogurt & Miralax every other day and I give mine the Apple Prune juice. Might have to do Miralax daily until LO gets regular then slack off. My doctor said Miralax was fine just start slow & increase accordingly.

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Have u talked to dr about this?? My son is one and had trouble ever since he was born.. The dr ran test and X-rays to make sure it wasn't a medical thing that needed surgery.. Then he put him on lactulose and that helps him go everyday.. I tried everything else too juice prunes kayro syrup but they would help maybe once in awhile... Good luck...

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Miralax! My child needs it to be regular and it's safe for babies.1tsp every day in formula or food

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Miralax and Karo syrup worked for us

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Are you feeding him rice cereal? That always made my son really constipated. Try switching to oatmeal cereal mixed with apple juice

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I mean "her". Sorry

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My 7 year old has had these problems since birth and we have been to a number of specialist and never have been able to find a reason. All we have ever been told is that her system is very sensitive so we have to stay clear of foods that constipate. But she does use miralax twice a day. A whole cap full just like adults use. Doctor said its safe and is not something her body will get addicted to like laxatives. Sorry you have these problems it's the worst. You feel helpless at times I know.

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Thank you ladies! Really appreciate the advice and support! I've felt stuck on this for months and it breaks my heart when he struggles. Seems like the only thing we haven't tried is miralax!

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