HELP!!! My baby is 6 months old. EBF and she only sleeps 2 hours at a time. Will formula really help her sleep longer? My husband and I are fighting more because she's not improving on her sleep. Suggestions?

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Nope. Neither will cereal or table food.

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Formula could help if she's still hungry, if she is top her up on formula. Do you have some type of routine at bedtime? I had the same problem with my twins.

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Breast milk is almost like a snack as to formula is more like a Thanksgiving dinner. If breastfeeding, babies need more feeds daily than if they were to have formula. Warm baths, soothing ocean music, & a full belly.

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Also if you want to introduce formula. You can also do half & half. Supplements !

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I also bought those fisher price fish tak thingys, it helped my twins fall asleep as it just soothes them.

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Nope. A good bedtime routine (that doesn't end in nursing but could start with it) will work best. If baby is nursing to sleep it's a hard habit to break but it can be done. They just have to learn a new way to fall asleep.

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Tank** sorry

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Rice cereal or oatmeal before a bath and a consistent bedtime routine. Relaxing time. Soft voices. If you put lights and mobiles in her crib it's just a distraction and won't help her get the idea of sleep.

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Formula works for my girls, they sleep really well actually. Formula tends to expand the stomach so they are full longer and sleep longer. Just be careful as it will increase their appetite.

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We have been doing a bed routine since 3 months. She use to sleep for 4-5 hours, then at 4 months she switched her routine at night and now it worse. I love breast feeding, but her, but my husband wants their to be improvement. Also I think her nights feeds are just soothing, she only nurses for 4 minutes at a time.

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Maybe try giving her a bottle of formula before bed, and BF throughout the day.

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Have you tried letting her sleep on her tummy?

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If you can give breastmilk, it's best. It really does have everything a baby needs. I think you might want to start sleep training.

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my son was the same way at about 4 months. he would wake up every 2-3 hrs to eat. soon as he started eatin cereals and gerbers he would still want 6oz of formula to be able to fall asleep. he slept through the night the very first time n still is doin it. i found that hes less hungry overnight after his bellys been filled before bed. he sleeps 10pm to 730am...takes another bottle and goes back to sleep til 9 or 930am. most times i go back to sleep w him or i just get up n workout while i can!

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i do have a friend who only breast feeds and her daughter is 5 days older than my son and she still gets woken up every 3 hrs

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My twins are 8 months and still wake up every three hours but I also know ppl that ebf and their babies sleep thru the night it's all about training them

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Breastmilk is easier for babies to digest, so it digests faster than formula and breastfed babies get hungrier faster. If she is only nursing for 4 minutes when she wakes up she may just want to be soothed. If she takes a pacifier try giving her the pacifier before you nurse. I'm still in the same process with my daughter, we have to get up and give her her pacifier a few times a night but she always goes back to sleep. Routine helps as well as everyone else has mentioned.

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My son is 6 months old, and we usually put him down anywhere between 7-8:00. I exclusively pump to bottles since going back to work, so I know how much he gets. We wake him up around 11pm to give him about 4-5oz., then he ends up sleeping straight through until 7am. Maybe just give her a "nightcap" of breastmilk, not formula.

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I'm sorry Liza but your husband kinda seems like a jerk. It's not the babies fault. Every baby has their own alarm clock. She probably wouldn't cry if she didn't need anything. Do you only Bf? No food? She should be eating fruits, veggies & rice cereal.

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It could be 4 month sleep regression. My son slept 5 hour stretches at night right from day one, then at about 3 months sleeping 9hours through the night. Then at 4 1/2 months he stopped napping alone, and most nights wakes up every hour or two nurses for 2min and goes back to bed. 6 1/2 months now and still doing it a couple nights a week

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Jerk? I guess you can say that, but he's also just looking out for our family sleep health. She is eating rice cereal once a day . I don't pump very well, or I would totally bottle feed more often which would give my husband some more involvement. I'm actually going to see a LC tomorrow with my pump, fingers crossed they can help. She gets her 6th month shots next Tues and then I'll be starting sleep training, and night weaning, I hope we see some change. How do I introduce formula??

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What kind of pump do you have? I had an Ameda and pumping was tough. I switched to a madela and it made a world of difference.

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I started with a Avent double electric and switched to a Medela mini electric

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Tonight I am experimenting with the tank top I slept in last night in her crib with her.

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