My LO just turned 5 months and she weighs 18 pounds. Everyone says she is huge. Our pediatrician is not too concerned. But just out of curiosity how big is your baby?

Shannon B 1 like

My son will be 3 months this Wednesday and weighs over 16 pounds. Doctor is happy with it. He was born at 6 pounds, 14 ounces so he's sure made up for it!

J B 1 like

My daughter turned 1 last month and was 19.5 lbs. she was considered in the 50% percentile for height and weight. My philosophy is if her Pediatrician isn't concerned, neither am I.

Katie B 1 like

Baby girl is 9 mo and weighs 20 lbs

Earlonda S 1 like

All 3 of mine were 16-18 pounds at 4 months.

Samantha M 1 like

My son just turned 5 months old and was 19.5lbs. Happy and healthy!

Jessica B 0 likes

My son will be 3 next month and is 35lbs of breast fed toddler. He wears 4/5 so talk too. 3 feet. No concerns. He's happy and healthy

Katherine B 1 like

When my son turned 12 months he was 20 lb 5 oz.

Aubrey M 0 likes

My daughter is 7 months and weighs 14 pounds. My husband is tall an skinny so that has to be where she gets it. :) All babies are different. If your pediatrician isn't worried I wouldn't be either!

Renee R 1 like

As long as your pediatrician isn't concerned, don't worry. :)

Guadalupe V 1 like

When my baby went in for his 2 month check up he was already 15lbs but his doctor said for to worry about because he was ebf

Hayley M 1 like

My baby is 6 months today and he's 16 lbs when he was born he was 3 weeks early 8lb 8 oz

M K 1 like

My LO is just over 4 mo and weighs 14 lbs. I agree with others, if your doc isn't worried don't give it another thought!

Jayleen D 1 like

At 6 months my son was 17lbs ( he is in the 50%), my daughters were 14-15lbs at 6 months. And my nephew at 6 months was 22lbs. My nephew was definitely a big boy but now he is 1 1/2 and has thinned out a lot now that he is walking. If your pediatrition isn't concerned than don't worry about her. She looks totally normal to me! Everyone says my son looks big for his age too which actually confuses me because he is only 50 percentile according to the doctors).

Cheryl N 1 like

My son is 4 month 16.6 pounds! Looks so skinny!!!

Britney C 1 like

I don't remember at that age but my daughter just turned 9 months and is 23lbs. Her doc says she is perfect!!! We have some people that think she is far too big but we ignore them (:

Jessica R 1 like

Mine is 5 months and 17 pounds

Em A 1 like

Lol son is 3 months and 10 days and weighs 19.2 pounds!!!

Jo I 1 like

6 months - 20 lbs. good weight for height. She's long!

Nikki 2 likes

Getting my weighed at the Dr on Wednesday, he will be 4 months then and we are guessing he's very close, if not already 20 lbs. he's a dump truck. I love every roll and he's all cheeks 😍😍😍😍

Sarah R 1 like

My daughter is 14 months and weighs 24 lbs 15 oz. she's in the 87% for her weight and 92% for her height. Healthy as ever!

Aprilbaby 1 like

Haha she's fine my 5 month old weighs 21.5 lbs and is 27 1/2 inches long. As soon as she starts crawling she will thin out. Don't stress about it.

Keli S 1 like

Same here 5 months 18 pounds as well

Emily O 1 like

Mine is 3.5 months and over 17 lbs

Stephanie V 1 like

My 4.5 month old weighed 15 lbs 8 oz at her 4 month check up a few days ago

Evie 1 like

My 3 month old is 16lbs solid! Hahaha don't worry about it too much as long as your pediatrician doesn't.

Jessica M 1 like

My LO will by 6 months in a week she is 19.5 pounds but a really long baby she doesnt look chubby except for her cheeks! My doctors baby is a week younger and 21 pounds she is tiny looks like quiet the cute lil ham:) she says until the baby is over a year weight aslong as they are not under weight isn't an issue chubby baby makes a happy baby all my friends babies are in the same weight range so I'd say it's normal!!

Cecilia B 1 like

My LO is 5 months old and weighs in at 19.5 pounds. Her weight is off the chart and her height is in the 90%. Her head is average!!:)

Rachel R 1 like

My son just turned one and he is 20 pounds. But he's doing amazing considering he started at 3 lbs.

Kristin C 1 like

My 6mo ds is 15.5 lbs

Jordan C 1 like

My 6 month old is 14 pounds

Marianne M 1 like

My LO was 15 lbs at 6 mths and 18.3 at 9 mths but she was a premie and low %. Your baby is big, but healthy and normal. They'll all even out in a few years.

Mommie D 1 like

My lo is 10 months and weighs 26 lbs!!! He's my lil big guy lol wears 24 month clothes! They grow so fast!! I wouldn't worry if I was you as long as she is healthy!!

Sarina W 1 like

My DS is 11 months and weights 21lbs. Rule of thumb is babes should double their birth weight at 6 months and triple it at a year.

Charley S 1 like

I'm not too sure how much my 1 year old dd weighs but she's tiny she was born at 5lbs 10oz 19 in she is tall, she had a hard time gaining weight so I'd say she's prolly around 20 lbs now. Is that good or bad?

Erin M 1 like

My daughter is a little tank lol. She was born 10lb 13oz and 22". At her 1 month she was 13lb 8oz and 24" then her 2 month she was 17lb 7oz and 26". Her pediatrician is thrilled because everything is growing equally. She is and has been in either the 99% or 100% for growth.

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