Hi moms I am new here and my 4 year old baby girl has been diagnosed with ADHD any advice would be great

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A dr told me my son had ADHD and wanted to put him on retalin (not sure how to spell it). I said no and never went back to that dr. I watched my cousin turn into a zombie on that stuff. She's in her 20's now and u can still see the effects of it. I just stay on my boy when he's doing homework and he now has a helper in class to keep him focused.

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My 8 year old son has ADHD and he takes Vyvanse. I only give it to him on days that he has school and it only lasts for the hours he is in school. It has helped him so much. Before he was getting C's in every subject and had a hard time focusing on school. Now he is getting straight A's and just got accepted into the gifted program at his school. Once the medication wears off he is back to his normal hyper goofy self but I can handle it at home.

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I have 2 boys with ADHD and I have always had strong opinions about not putting them on Ritalin. Vyvanse works perfect for my youngest son. My 10 year old son was on Adderal. He has other conditions including autism so the Adderal was not reacting well to his other medications. He is now on concerta and that works great for him. Every kid is different. If you decide to use medication it may be trial and error until you find what works.

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Yeah I was on meds for that when I was younger it stunted my growth and made me like a zombie..

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Thanks moms I also have been diagnosed with mild ADHD and I'm 31 and my dr says she feels riddlin will help but my daughter has extreme ADHD and I Hurd dextrin is good I never herd of that vuv can't spell it one. Do you find much difference in the violence out bursts and temper

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Try and keep her busy. Put her in activities, dance soccer karate. The more there is for her to do the calmer she will be. Medication is not always the answer. My mother refused ridilen for me as a kid. I'm still wired but I keep busy. Little bits of caffiene(coffee, tea) can counter act the hyper ness as well.

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Thanks I am looking in to activities for her she just has a hard time listening to people and following orders I will find something I'm sure she also is scared to do a lot of new things and throws tantrums if she is scared or just doesn't want to tv and computer is her best friends

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My son is 6 and was recently diagnosed with ADHD...I refused meds. I have changed his diet completely. It is very overwhelming!! I cut out as many additives as possible. I started him on omega 3 supplements because ADHD children have a thinner membrane around their brains than average children, omega 3 is great for brain health and all people need it. The only way to get omega 3 is through fish and my family doesn't eat fish. He's also in counseling to help him deal with impulsive behaviors.

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(Continued) The counseling also helps me learn how to deal with him properly. I recently started giving him about half a cup of coffee every morning flavored with milk and raw sugar. This helps him calm down and while he was in school he was able to focus more, however, he crashes pretty hard from the coffee so I am going to try black tea or green tea. Routine is also very important. My best advice for you is to learn everything you can about ADHD. There is a lot of info out there...best of luck

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I haven't noticed any change in his anger or outbursts or anything but he is generally a happy child. But I don't give him the meds when he is not in school. Another mom is right...medication is not always the answer for everyone. I do other things to help him without medication when he is not in school and that works well. The medication just helps him more for school.

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NO MEDS. I am adhd and have taken all the pills made for it, they are all made to silence the child not help them, they make you feel like a zombie!!! I would rather my kid be able to be herself and me have to deal with a hyper kid than ever put her on those medications.

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Hi! I was diagnosed with ADHD ( it was definitely the designer diagnosis of the time) as a kid. Most children are hyper, but as long as it's not detrimentally interfering with her/your day, I'd suggest staying away from the medication designed to keep your kiddo under "control". It truly is a horrible feeling being zonked out all day. They really change you into a different person. While I know lots of people who were on ADHD meds as children, I know NONE who felt a positive change.

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