Help ! So did u go into labor out if nowhere so to speak or did u have cramps or contractions or back pain that led up to it ?! I'm 39 weeks and nooooo signs of labor !! WTf

Lindsey P 1 like

For a couple of days before I delivered I had what felt like mild period cramps. Wasn't sure if it was pre-labor or just my being so big and tired haha! Then the night before, the same cramps were fairly regular. But my water broke before the real contractions began. Hang in there and good luck!

T C 1 like

I was induced 2 weeks early and I wish that I had that excitement of not knowing. Good luck to you!!

Jennifer T 1 like

When I was induced I started having contractions but had no clue I was having them. Don't worry, they will come. I suggest having sex if you can, walking and primrose. That helped me.

A V 1 like

My pains started suddenly. My water never broke on it's own for all 3 babies. They weren't severe to begin with but they were regular and getting closer. Sleep and a warm shower did not stop them.

Kylee P 1 like

With my second it was sudden. With my first I started feeling sick and then the pains slowly got worse I was in labor for 2 days with my first baby.

Stacy 1 like

T cee! But at least u were prepared! Lol me I'm gonna be a frantic mess! "Wait I have to brush my hair and teeth ! I need to shave ! And Where's my damn pants ? ! Lol "

Stacy 1 like

Sex just gives me cramps and Braxton hicks and then it subsides and I'm perfectly normal again ... What a waste! Lol

Lindsey P 3 likes

That's so funny Stacy, because after my water broke (6am) I wanted to shower before we went to the hospital! Everyone laughs at me for it, but I wanted to be fresh for what could have been days in a bed haha!

K B 0 likes

My labour was out of no where! I was 39+1 and had a 4 hour labour. I was admitted to the hospital at 8:15 am and had my baby by 9:04am, then home by noon!! :) the best thing about having a midwife and good delivery!! and this Is my first baby. My water didn't break I didn't have any cramps until around 6:00-6:30am... I hope you have as good a delivery!!

Em A 0 likes

My water broke first then about a couple hours later I started feeling contractions.

Sara C 1 like

Is this your first one? With the first one, usually you expect to have it 2 wks b4 or 2 wks later. Sometimes they have to induce you because your baby dont want to come out.

Kristin 1 like

I was induced.. But you don't necessarily have to go into labor within your 40 weeks... You may end up being induced because you don't go into labor on your own. Just keep yourself prepared, that way you won't be needing to freshen up when you do finally decide to pop. Lol good luck!

Olivia 1 like

I am 40 weeks and 2 days and have had period style cramps and Braxton hicks for over a week now!! Waiting game....

Lorena N 1 like

My came out of nowhere. I was 37 weeks and 4 days when I had my son. They had to break my water.

Jamie T 1 like

Yeay son was 1 week and 2 days late, when I went in to be induced I was already 2cm and didn't even know I was having contractions, didn't really start feeling any pains till I was about 5cm but I was on pitocin and have a high tolerance for pain

Lexie H 1 like

This is what it was like for me on July 9: I had like 1 miiiild contraction around noon, beginning of mucous plug came out around 9:30pm, a little more at 11:00pm, water broke at midnight. Contractions immediately followed. Had c-section at 3:18am on July 10.

Lexie H 1 like

I was 35 weeks

Aprilbaby 1 like

Out of no where for me. I had horrible back pain for 2 trimesters Nothing changed right before labor. In fact the day I went into labor my hubs and I were eating dinner and I complained that I had hoped to start feeling some progression by now and that I felt perfectly fine with no changes. An hour later my water broke.

KiKi B 1 like

I was 40 plus weeks when I got my pains started and walked right into the labor room

Samantha O 1 like

I woke up to pee one night and my water broke. Contractions came out of nowhere. The day before I felt amazing, no cramps or anything and I was full of energy. I had no idea what was coming!!

Maria D 1 like

I woke at 4 am one morning had lite continuous contractions till about 1 pm & then I had some sporting going on ( blood on my panties ) so I panicked, rush to the hospital . At 2 o'clock I started dilating , at 8 pm I started pushing at 8.28 I had a baby in my arms and everything was fine Good luck :)

Maria D 0 likes


Angelica J 1 like

I was at a restaurant when I started getting what I thought was Braxton hicks. Then I started have this ache in my back that kept getting worse. I realized I couldn't handle it. It happened really quickly

Carrie H 2 likes

Every pregnancy is different. Don't stress.

A V 1 like

I was in church when contractions started with my first baby. Lol! I had a funeral to go to after church so I went to that and had contractions all through it. Then I was able to go to the hospital. Lol!

Amy H 1 like

With my first I had no signs of anything and then contractions. But they were 15-20 minutes apart and not a big deal for a good 4 hours. Then they got closer and closer and more and more painful. He was born 8 hours after they got painful. With my second I had contractions for weeks!!!!

Heather W 1 like

I lost my mucus plug (was 38w5d) around noon one day, then within an hour, contractions (severe period cramp like pain) started and picked up quickly. Was at the hospital around 3pm, dilated at 3-4cm. Doo dee doo, had my son the next morning at 5am. :)

Aprilbaby 2 likes

Lindsey. You aren't alone my water broke I called my doctor she said to head to the hospital. I told her okay but I was gonna take a shower first and blow dry my hair bc you never know how long it will be before they let you once you get there. So I got a shower and my husband got one while I was blow drying my hair.

Chelsea R 1 like

Had a great night sleep no contractions cramps or pain woke up and lost the plug then it was time :)

Stacy 0 likes

Omg this is going to hurt !!!!!! I'm Absolutely terrified !

Alexandra F 1 like

My water broke out of no where. I was 1 day past my due date and luckily was at the hospital for a scheduled induction, but I guess my body was ready on it's own! If you're worried about pain get an epidural as early as your doctor will allow. I was so nervous but I got the epi at 2cms and was completely relaxed the whole time and was well rested when it was time to start pushing. They turned the epi off for pushing so yeah, that did hurt some, but not unbearable. You can do it!!!!

Heather W 1 like

Don't be scared. Try to enjoy it... As odd as that sounds. It will be over before you know it and you will have a sweet baby as the end result :)

Aprilbaby 1 like

It's no where near as bad as you have it built up in your mind I promise. Once everything gets going it will not be anywhere near as bad as you have been thinking bc you will be goin through it and not just worrying about it. I made it all through labor and didn't get the epi until 30 minutes before I started pushing and it was totally bearable. Painful but bearable. Don't stress about it. It's gonna happen nothing is going to stop it so just take it as it comes. You will do fine!!

Lindsey P 1 like

Don't be scared! Be prepared for the pain yes, but the whole experience is such an amazing one that the pain becomes a secondary memory. I got an epidural when I was 9cm so I felt all of the contractions but didn't want to feel the actual birth lol. While it was happening I thought I might die, and as soon as it was over I thought yep, I could do that again haha!

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