38 weeks 3 days prego and I just came back from the Doctor where she said I was 3cm dilated. She says if I don't give birth this weekend, i can come back on Tuesday and can be induced for labor coz I'll be 39 weeks. My question is, shouldn't I wait for natural labor to occur or should I consider having the induction? We're doing the induction so she can deliver me, otherwise it would be the Doctor on call which is a male doctor and I don't think I'm comfortable. Any ideas?

Lou 2 likes

If your still comfortable I would wait, they will charge way more for induction & everything else 😁 I was induced on a Friday didn't have the baby till Monday morning I was so sore from that bed!!! Good luck

R S 2 likes

I had c sections but all my obs were male and were amazing, very compassionate I would do it of you want your dr to deliver. I don't think I would be comfortable with an ob I have never met

Megan H 1 like

I was induced because of medical reasons also so I could have my doctor but even with being induced I didn't get my doctor due to my body still taking awhile I was in labor total 38 hrs....I will let u know once labor starts you won't care who delvers ur baby man or women by that time you really don't care who is down there...go with what u feel is best for you n ur baby it's all worth it..good luck!

Mama J 2 likes

I would personally want labor to start on its own; especially if it's your first. I'm someone who wants things to happen naturally so I can have the full experience. (Mostly, I did get an epidural) πŸ˜‰

Cristine C 1 like

I would let my body do it's job. Since you're 3 cm, you're already getting super close. Let nature take its course. Your LO will be here soon enough! Congratulations! πŸ’–

Samantha R 1 like

I prefer a male dr but if your really uncomfortable then go in, it is best to wait an hope for natural labor but if your uncomfortable with the doc and would rather yours then that's what's best for you .

Ashley B 1 like

Inductions happen everyday and go well but it all comes up to what you are most comfortable with. I def would prefer to have my dr do it but you could get another dr who you like just as much which happened with the dr I got when i was in labor with my first but with my second i was so happy to have my own dr with me! πŸ˜€

First Time M 1 like

I would wait they induced me to early before lo was in position and it put stress on him n I was on epideral and literally had to try n get on my hands and knees and sway my body side to side to help the bby get in position I has in labor for18 hrs iwent in on a Sunday n he came on Tuesday

First Time M 1 like

I was 41 weeks when I was induced I was to eager to meet him and I wanted to have him on my birthday

Dawn L 1 like

I know a lot of women that would rather have it start on its own than to be induced... I had no choice to be, I was in labour for 3 days and wasn't dilating at all.. Another 12 hours of waiting to dilate to 10. I hope it's different this pregnancy and hope to avoid c section at all costs..

L T 2 likes

I was late and induced and it was awful! I had to be induced bc of medical reasons. Honestly, the nurses do all of the work. The dr. Comes in last minute. I would not be hung up on a specific dr.

Amber E 1 like

I planned for a natural birth, but I had to be induced at 37. I know how you feel about being uncomfortable with male doctor. I've always had women and I made sure my doctor was going to be there because my full trust was in her. My advice is to go with your gut. Being induced was actually nice for me because I was being cared for at the hospital the whole time and didn't have to go through the pain was waiting. Plus I had MY doc who I trusted.

V R 1 like

Why so soon? I'll would wait till your overdue. Unless it's necessary. I'm also overdue, but won't be induced till I'm 41 weeks.

Mrs P 3 likes

I would wait and let nature take its course.

Jenae K 1 like

I was induced at 39+1 and it wasn't medically necessary. Went perfect

Mama S 1 like

I was overdue- and induced with 25 mg of cyotec- at 42 week, that's all they needed to get labor to start. BUT my LO aspirated (breathed in fluid) sometime in the womb when I was late, and she was in the NICU for a week because of it. I wanted labor to happen naturally, so I waited as long as the doctors would let me

Mama S 2 likes

. It unfortunately was harmful to my LO, who was ready to breathe in- and her lungs were infected with fluid. I am pregnant again- and I can tell you that no matter the risks of induction, I am not going late!

Andy 1 like

It's always better to wait unless there is a medical reason for induction.

Ash E 1 like

I'm a firm believer in inductions being medically necessary, only. You're Lo has been growing at his or her own pace for the past 9+ months..

Stephanie S 1 like

Only induce if necessary! The baby will be here when ready! And don't worry about the doctors. They are professional and you won't care who all is down there in the moment. All modesty is out the window and no one cares!

Happy M 0 likes

Thanks everyone!

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