36 weeks pregnant and not feeling as much movement...when should I worry??

Jenn S 3 likes

Try drinking some juice and lay on your side, if baby doesn't move around call your doctor to be on the safe side. I'm 37 weeks, movement has decreased some since there's less room.

Raye O 0 likes

Thank you, Jenn!

Shasta G 4 likes

Orange juice will get baby moving. The acid in it helps. Also your so close to being due babies slow down their movement before they make their grand entrance into the world.

Erin H 1 like

Not much room in there. Do what the others suggested and see how that works. Hugs

Raye O 1 like

Thank you everyone!!

Caitlin S 1 like

I was in the L&D allll the time my last 5 weeks doing stress test cuz I was so concerned about how little she moved.( I lost a baby previously) she was in position and just comfy and crammed. They slow down near the end. I get the nervousness of it but try and enjoy it by being able to get some sleep while they aren't beating on your insides! You're gunna need it!! And if your still worried go up and down the stairs a couple times and then sit with your feet up. If your baby is sleeping they

Caitlin S 2 likes

Will enjoy your walking but once you stop they will try I get comfy and you may feel some squirms. Worked the best for me!!!

Jessica B 0 likes

I believe it's 10 movements in two hours.

Olivia N 1 like

Orange juice helps. I was told near the end you don't feel as much movement because there's barely any room left in your belly. You should be fine. Going to the weekly appts and hearing the heartbeat should be reassuring. 💙

MAMA B 1 like

Drink juice if within 10 min u don't feel the baby move a lot I would say go to the hospital for a stress test!! Nothing to worry about my baby was like that it was because there was not a. Lot of room for her but just to be sure head to the doctors if juice doesn't work

Em A 1 like

I think you are supposed to lay on your left side for some reason. I remember my baby moved to my right side and my doctor told me to lay on my left side. But I can't remember why. I know it was for the baby and my benefit.

Raye O 2 likes

I had cold juice and lay on the left side and within a few minutes she was wiggling again:-). Very relieved! Thank you all.

Em A 0 likes

I know my dr told me the baby needs to stay on the left.

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