34 weeks just had my shower and starting the exchanging for what baby needs process. This FTM has so many questions!! Lol TIA 1. How many onesies and what sizes? 2. Don't babies wear onesies under everything? 3. What about pants?! 4. What are some diaper bag necessities? 5. What size outfits should I get for his bring home outfit?? Any other advice on what to get is welcome! I pretty much have everything from online checklist but I had those questions :) thanks mommies. I'll be EBF

Morgan S 2 likes

For the first month all my son wore was footie pjs and night gowns. To bring them home a newborn outfit. They take pics at hospitals sometimes so a cute outfit :) during the night when your changing them and half asleep it's easy to just put them in a onesie and a sleep sack! Or swaddler.

Sabrena H 2 likes

I got so many clothes for my baby shower and didn't use half of them. Gave them away with tags. I would say 20 onsies, you can always wash. Foot pajamas are good for newborns. Diaper bag: wipes, diapers, hand sanitizer, baby face wipes, sanitizing wipes, toys, snacks (when older), 2 extra outfits, bits, socks, hat. Hope that helps!

Gabi B 2 likes

Get like a few newborns onesies but not to many cuz they grow fast a lot of 0-3 tho, I put onesies under everything. Diaper bag: I put in mine diapers and wipes obviously lol two onesies and two outfits cuz they spit up a lot disposable changing pads (toys r us) I have medicine bag also with baby tylenol, nasal spray, oral gel, noise sucker, gripe water (a must have). As for outfits wouldn't go to crazy on newborns but 0-3 months a defiant

Breh S 1 like

I'm a FTM as well my LO is 10 months already. I know it seems like there are so many unanswered questions but you will figure out what works for your baby the best.i prefer for my LO to have a thin onsie under his two piece outfits that aren't onsies. I took newborn and 0-3 month outfits for his bring home and made sure they were warm. The guideline of 0-3 3-6 and 6-9 are pretty spot on unless your baby is a big or small baby.

Katlyn M 1 like

I didn't use onesies too much with my newborn, mainly sleepers! I would say maybe like a few onesies in newborn size and a few onesies in sizes 3-6 months. I would watch with putting onesies under everything bc you don't want baby too hot. And I wouldn't worry about pants, you could probably buy one or two pair to have just in case you're going somewhere to "dress" them up. Diaper bag necessities- ointment, diapers, formula dispenser, extra outfit, pacifiers, burp cloth, receiving blanket.

Katlyn M 2 likes

Also make sure you have mittens so they don't scratch themselves and hats because the quickest way for a baby to lose body heat is from their head!

Amber L 2 likes

I bought long sleeve white onesies in 3 month and newborn. Don't open newborn until after LO is born though in case they're too small. You will get clothes from everyone including pants even after baby is born.

Brittany B 2 likes

Oh my goodness the way my baby spits up I have a ton of onesies. That's pretty much all my 3 month old wears. I always keep the basic necessities in my diaper bag, plus extra outfits. I'm a first time mom as well. I had bought big sizes of Clothes to take to the hospital cause I figured he was gonna be big, but he came a month early. So I'd suggest buying like maybe one newborn & one 0-3 something like that just in case.

Amber L 1 like

Bring a cozy outfit in newborn and 3 month to the hospital that includes a onesie, pants, socks, hat, and a little coat (not a bulky one). Bring a blanket as well to go over the car seat when you go home. Diaper bag necessities: diapers (obviously) wipes, butt cream, antibacterial, blanket maybe? Extra change of clothes for LO, formula if you are supplementing, bottle, cover if you are BF, bib, hat, I bring a portable noise maker to soothe, pacifiers, and I think that's all I have???

Breh S 1 like

My necessities for the diaper bag is bottles wipes diapers Tylenol cough syrup gas drops toys formula and anything else you need at the moment.

Amber L 2 likes

Yes and sleepers!!! Get the zipper kind!!

Morgan S 2 likes

Diaper bag: extra socks, pacifier, burp rag, boogie wipes, wipes, blankets, extra clothes!!!, if use formula a bottle of water and extra bottles! If breast feeding lanolin and breast pads. Lotion for you and hand sanitizer lol Boppys are also a must!! There great! Children resale stores is where I found mine! For the hospital bring a pack of old lady undies... The huge ones lol and the over night maxi pads. You will need them if you deliver naturally. Also comfy clothes for you!!

ChasAnn M 1 like

Depending on how big your LO is new born stuff for the first 2 weeks to month. The zip up onesies are the best. You might have to try all different swaddles. My LO never liked it. They do not wear onesies under everything, they make all different ones for comfy/relaxed to cute/dress up ones, pants can be worn with any onesie really. All different sizes but don't load up on one size because before you know it they have out grown it. Also drying them in the dryer shrinks them.

ChasAnn M 1 like

I suggest going to a resale/second hand store for clothes, they are cheaper, some new because it's not worth all the money spent on clothes they only wear for a couple months. Even those stores are good for just about everything. Also another thing I've done is join groups on FB that are in my area the people sale their baby stuff for dirt cheat. Try that too! Hope this helps. Congrats!

Jaycee L 1 like

My baby only sleeps in sleepers and I dress her when we wake up. It helps teach them the difference between nights and days. She wears a onesie under everything except her sleepers. It's cold where I live so she has to wear pants all the time, or tights if she's wearing a dress. In her diaper bag I put a sleeper, two full outfits, diapers, wipes, a receiving blanket, bib, facecloth, pacifiers, and butt cream. And bring a NB outfit and a 0-3 outfit, just in case. My baby never fit in newborns!

Liz J 1 like

My advice would be to buy pj's/sleepers that are zipper only when your babies is a little older! Much easier to change them at night. Buy the elastic at bottom long sleeve gowns now for your baby to sleep in and swaddlers too. Receiving blankets I never used! Cont...

Liz J 2 likes

I would not buy too many 0-3 month outfits because you stay home mainly and they usually just wear their sleepers/pj's. Also buy those mesh food teethers, they work great for when your baby starts teething. Black out curtains and noise machines are also a must and breathable bumper crib. 😄

Jelaya F 1 like

I used so many footy pajamas with onesies under because it was cold! So just keep in mind what the weather will be like when your LO is born. I didn't use too many newborn pants because I didn't want them to run against my baby's umbilical cord stump. Sleep sacks are nice to because you just unzip and you don't have to pull their legs uncomfortably or anything.

E B 1 like

I brought a newborn outfit to the hospital and at 8#13oz, he was already too big for it! 0-3 month should do it. One thing also in the diaper bag should be a tee shirt for yourself! I brought extra clothes for the babe, but nothing for me! At 2 months he had a huge blowout while we were at the chiropractor and I had poop on my shirt! I always had 6-12 onesies in LO's size. For the first 3 months all he wore was onesies and socks because he overheats so easy!

Liz P 0 likes

Thank you all so much! I feel Soooo much better! <3

Ellie D 0 likes

My baby was a summer baby, and even though she was less than five pounds when she came home from the nicu she was super hot and only wore onesies, nothing else. I sometimes even just had her in a diaper under her swaddle to keep from sweating. Size of clothes really depends on how big you think baby will be. Mine was too long for the preemie size. Any baby over eight pounds is probably ok to skip the newborn size entirely. You can always roll up sleeves and legs!

Rijvana P 1 like

My DS wears onesie under his body suit. Pants is only if he wears full sleeve onesie only. It would be too hot to make him wear pant and full body suit plus it would be annoying during diaper change time to take two things out!

Rijvana P 1 like

Don't buy too many newborn clothes or onesies. They grow out of it very very very soon and u will have so many unworn clothes.

Rijvana P 1 like

For diaper bag I usually always have ready to go: One outfit (complete) Diaper Travel wipes pack Travel tissue pack Mini baby lotion Mini baby oil Formula dispenser Pacifier Bottles filled with water (when u need) Gripe water (need it for hiccups)

Rijvana P 1 like

Get one newborn size and one 0-3 months size for bringing home outfit. that depends on your baby's weight. If baby is small u may need NB size and if baby is little big than 0-3 may fit. Idk what is your baby current weight.

Ahna F 0 likes

Liz get onesies from newborn sizes up till 12 months because every baby grows differently main necessities for diaper bag are wipes,diapers,a swaddling blanket, extra clothes, bottles prefilled with water formula of course, burp clothes. Hand sanitizer. The list could go on lol

Jaycee L 0 likes

Ever since my baby came home, I don't think she's spent a whole day in a sleeper.. And she started sleeping through the night at a week old. My advice is to put an outfit on her when you wake up and a sleeper when you're going to bed. It really does help them decipher the difference!!

Shannon H 1 like

My baby was 9 lbs at birth and still wore newborn sizes for a couple weeks to a month. I was late and the dr knew he was big so I only brought 0-3 month sizes to the hospital unfortunately. I didn't bother with any of the cute 3 piece outfits those first weeks were too hard without fussing over clothes. I loved the sleepers and gowns with the pull over mittens attached to the sleeve. He lived in those the first month. My hubby hated anything w snaps so we favored zippers.

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