Is it normal for your baby's movement to slow down when 32 weeks pregnant?

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Moderately- but if you don't feel any kicks at all, try eating something sugary and lying on your side, if still no kicks I'd call your OB. They do get somewhat cramped but you should still feel about 5 kicks an hour.

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It really depends. Every baby is different. But you should still feel him/her. Towards the end they slow their movements because they have less room to move around. If you get too worried go to the doctor. You should feel the baby at least a couple times in an hour I think.

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Call your doctor

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If you are noticing the movement has become irregular and your unable to do your kick counts, id say it would be best to visit your doctor...just to be safe... It could be nothing, but better to be on the safe side 😊. Good luck!

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Mine did

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They run out of room so my dr told me it was normal

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Yeah it's normal. They run out of room so they don't move as much. But baby should still move several times every day. Call dr if you're concerned :)

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A little bit yes. Baby is growing and there will be less room for baby to stretch out which makes movement harder. As long as it's still kicking 10times in two hours, everything is fine.

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To get movement you can drink orange juice or some really cold water. That will get them moving when you are concerned and wanted to check on them.

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I think it really depends on the baby and how much they usually move. Neither of my babies have ever kicked or moved 10 times in two hours. My first is perfectly healthy and my second is growing great in there.

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With my current pregnancy she usually only moves at night when I get into bed and mid morning when she wakes up. Occasionally she'll wiggle around in the middle of the day, but not usually. And she's fine.

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