My son is 3-1/2 years old and he have speech therapy. He is very active kid. My sister who is a teacher claimed that my son have a mild autism because he love routine, blue color, superheroes, hugs and kisses. And sometimes he freak out when he is off his routine. My son been tested before and there's no sign what so ever. My sister insist I need to get a second opinion. My husband and I google and can't find anything. Any advice?

Megan W 1 like

Most autistic children don't like to give off affection (hugs and kisses). My son who is 2 has development delay. We are looking at another autism screening. Does your LO make eye contact? Do they like bath time? Just because your LO likes certain things it doesn't make him autistic. My son will sit and spin things repeatedly, flap his hands and feet. However he does have major speech delay. But that alone, doesn't make your LO autistic.

Elizabeth M 1 like

My son is kinda the same situation ppl think he has autism but he was seen many times and never diagnosed. He has ADHD. But seeing as your son has a routine that's a sign of autism, you should get a second opinion. If your son is NOT social at all , meaning he plays by himself when around other kids that's also a sign of autism

Tatjana A 1 like

I think your teacher sister needs to put down her doctoring books and pick up done abc blocks with her nephew! Gets on my nerve, my mother who is also a teacher went through this ( phase ) where she was diagnosing everyone left and right and recommending medication. That was almost 20 yrs ago. And with my first girl one of her teachers tried to tell me that she had ADHD, as a good mom would and we looked in to it, turns out she is farsighted and needed glasses. See what a doctor says!

Ashley H 1 like

Don't let someone else tell you what to do with your child. I say do what makes you comfortable. If you don't see concern I would leave it alone. Someone tried telling my my son showed signs of autism because he lines his matchbox cars up. He's a boy. I don't see any signs of concern. He's where he needs To be developmentally. I say do what you think and not someone else. She's a teacher. Not a doctor.

Alina D 1 like

Hi. I think a second opinion it's not going to hurt. Better safe than sorry....

Jami K 1 like

All children strive for routine, I have an autistic child and she hates being touched. It's also totally normal for all kids to have favorites, ie: the color blue and super heroes. I have typical children as well and they all have favorites. If you've had your son tested, rest assured he's a happy healthy boy :)

new m 1 like

don't google and your sister is not a doctor she's a teacher you can't assume she's correct. check with your baby's pediatrician and ask for a referral to a specialist if you're really concerned.

Sarah R 1 like

I just want to interject, it's not MOST children with autism don't like physical affection, it's only some, we have two with ASD and they both love cuddles, hugs and kisses. It's usually children with ASD that also have a sensory dysfunction that do not tolerate it.

Sarah R 1 like

Like I said we have two with ASD. Some kids with all the symptoms you are describing are just quirky, and some have ASD. Getting help for a child on the spectrum at a young age is key. Major development occurs between 2-5 years of age. I suggest you have him evaluated by another doctor, if it's nothing it's nothing and you can shut your sister up, if it is Autism you've now caught it early enough to get him help before grade school.

Rita G 2 likes

Nothing is more annoying than people diagnosing kids. What ever happened to letting kids be kids especially LO's. Some kids love structure/routines more than others. I would wait until he's 5 or so. Until then enjoy those hugs n kisses!!

Stephanie D 1 like

I am a mom and teacher so I know it's tough to hear things about your children. Autism is different in every child. Yes there are a few symptoms that are similar between most cases, but every kid is different and every case is different. .

Stephanie D 1 like

I've worked with one autistic child that loved hugs and kisses and one child that didn't like any kind of physical contact. There is no harm in getting a second opinion. Not every doctor is right every time. Googling things can be dangerous. Dr Google has not been to medical school, lol. my pediatrician says that to me all the time

A V 1 like

My 10 year old is on the autism spectrum and those things you mentioned do not really sound like autism. Although every autistic child is different. There are not even questions concerning those things on the parent form to test for autism. Don't listen to her. If YOU are really concerned then take him to a child psychologist but don't freak out.

Ameena P 1 like

Kids are kids. If they are happy, healthy, and thriving don't worry about it what to call him other than his name

Lego M 1 like

My 7 year old was diagnosed with mild Autism and was also diagnosed with Acute ADHD almost 2 years ago. With an emphasis on ACUTE. He has no attention span and is on medication for the ADHD. Let's just say, the past 2 schools years have wen an eye opening experience for us. Make sure you arm yourself with all he information you can about Autism and ADHD and what your school district can and CANNOT do to help. We did. The more you know and UNDERSTAND, the easier things can be.

Donya E 2 likes

My son was obsessed with things. He is 10 now. Just ADHD. Don't worry about him so much.

Riley W 1 like

My son is 18 months old and dr is worried about speech an autism bc he is not talking an didn't make eye contact with her in dr office, he has never played with kids his age bc he is kept at home with babysitter so we e waiting on autism screening an speech therapy seasons will be starting soon an he passed his hearing test

Ameena P 2 likes

My son didn't talk at 18 months. Be careful. Some Drs get checks for Autism diagnosis. Our local ECI advocates for later screenings because they believe that you can't tell until they are at least 3 sometimes later. I tend to agree with them. Not everything a child does or doesn't do has have a name to it other than being human.

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