My (almost 3 year old) son refuses to poop on the potty. He's been peeing on the potty for ages. He always goes to the same place in the house, peels his clothes off, poops, and then let's me know he pooped so I can clean it. It's driving me crazy. He hasn't worn diapers or pull ups in months. When I ask if he wants to wear them, he tells me they are for babies. He even sleeps in underwear. He just won't poop in the potty, ever. Anyone else gone thru this?! Any advice?

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Keep eye on him when he goes to his potty place n takes his clothes and take him to bathroom that time. When u don't succeed then let him have dirty diaper for a while and say "eww it stinks" something to make him feel it's wrong to poop in underwear. I know it's mean but whatever works

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Ask him why he wont

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My son refused to poop as well. I finally got it out of him that he did not want to wipe or have me wipe because he was embarrassed. I'm all about positive reinforcement so i made a chart for him. I started by each time he had to go pee and successfully went into the toilet we added a star to the chart. After ten times of going pee in the pody he would get a treat.

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I told him if he started going poop in the pody he would gain stars too. After ten successful poops in the pody we would rent/go see a movie. Pick and choose the rewards for your little man. Hope this helps :)

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Try to catch him at the time he poops and say big boys get rewards for pooping in the potty but you lose rewards if you don't. Then start a chart with stars and you decide rewards maybe m&ms, or reading with mom. Loss of rewards can be the opposite. It worked for my 3yr old daughter who did the same thing.

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For some kids it's scary to poop on the toilet even when they pee on it. Just keep an eye on him like the others said. Stick with it. It will come in time.

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Mirilax in juice - he won't be able to hold it. Once they poop on potty first time it's much less scary. Very common.

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I'm going through the same issue with my 3 year old (he's almost 4). So frustrating. We have literally tried everything. He has pooped a couple times on the potty at daycare, but he won't even entertain the thought of it at home. I simply don't know what to do. Just know you are not alone! I'm praying that one day, it'll just come!

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We went through the exact same thing with my son! He was scared it was going to hurt. We encouraged him to use the potty to poop everyday. one day I didn't have a pull-up he could poop in so he had to go on the potty. He was trying to hold it in but I carried him and placed him on the toilet and reassured him it'd be okay and that he could do it. He was crying the entire time but he looks so relieved once the poop came out! We made a huge deal and celebrated the success, rewarded him for it.

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Share the news with other family members, I made a huge deal about it. He's been pooping in the potty ever since! i'm not saying my method works but I just wanted to share. Hang in there, it'll happen, I know it can be frustrating!

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With my son I used his favorite little people! Or his Spider-man you. I said oh man they would love to watch you poop on the potty they think it's so cool! They need to learn too and they want you to show them! I would hold his toys in front of him and he did it! Then I had the toys give him a high 5 haha. Worked every time. Now he just does it :)

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My son did the same thing when he was around 3 and this went on for months dr told me let him sit in his poop he won't like it and he will start doing it in potty but nope he didn't care he kept doing it! So I told him that he could do something (I used go to preschool but u can set a date for something fun to take him to and really amp this thing up) and tell him he has to go poop on potty to go and make it like a week or 2 that he has to do it for and then if he has something to work for to do

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Can you put a little potty where he poops and start with that?

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Try putting his potty in the spot he poops. It takes an hour to and hour and a half for baby to poop after a meal. Be prepared. Show him how you poop in the potty as well (lol, I know!) and offer a reward. Good luck!

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He knows that Daddy and I poop in the big potty, he follows us in there all the time. Lol. And he's peeling his clothes off to poop on the floor in the same spot, so letting him fester in it isn't a thing. I've tried to offer him rewards, I've put his little potty there, I've punished him, I've just sat him on the big potty after he's pooped on the floor to reiterate where we poop.... I'm just losing my mind here, dealing with all this poop. How does he poop so much at once?! Lol! -sigh-

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