My son is 2 years old. He is not talking yet. Early intervention psychologist evaluate him and told us that he has mild autism. They recommend for ABA program. What should I do? I don't know much about it I am very scare and depressed

Cherilyn F 5 likes

I'm sorry to hear that. That is hard news. Stay strong and keep positive. He will take his queues from you. You can do this!

Von S 2 likes

Best thing to do is get therapy as early as possible . Depending on the range of the autism he may be able to learn from the ABa more than you think. My little brother learned so much when he had it at that age. Do whatever they recommend at this age!

Sophie a 1 like

My son is four and he is the same he can't talk like a four year old he is like a two year old and I know how exactly u feel .some time I think I need to find someone to help me first . My heart in not accepting that my son have autism Every one said to me to take him to specialist , but I can't I need help

A V 8 likes

It is hard news to hear at first but take a deep breath and remember he is still your little boy! It's awesome you have an early diagnosis! Early intervention is so important! I have an 11 year old boy with autism. Where are you located? I may be able to help you find resources. You can friend me on Facebook if you want or I can give you my email. A support system for yourself and your LO is definitely helpful! If you want to vent or need advice just let me know!

Laura C 5 likes

You are his voice momma, be strong and courageous for your son because he will need that from you!

Jo'Van P 1 like

It is definitely good that he was diagnosed early. My son was diagnosed at 18 months and he has been getting constant help ever since and it is great. It will get overwhelming sometimes, but don't give up or give in. I have heard great things about ABA but never tried it myself. I can definitely tell you that ECI will be best for your LO until he transitions to school age. Let me know if you just want to talk or if you have any questions. I'll do my best to be there for you when you need/want.

A V 4 likes

Laura is 100% correct! I have had to stand up for my boy many times to get him what he needs!

Jo'Van P 2 likes

And also do not blame yourself. I remember I had (sometimes still have) my moments when I feel there was something I did or didn't do. Don't go there or if you do just snap out of it because this is not your or anyone's fault. Plus even if it was (reiterating that it isn't!!) there is nothing to do now but move forward and be a positive influence and advocate for your LO.

Dalia H 2 likes

Early intervention is very crucial. I would try to get a speech evaluation and behavior plan in place as soon as possible. If you can get a special educator to come to the house and introduce play and social cues that would great! Try to get an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) as soon as possible.

Laura C 8 likes

I work in a NICU and labor and delivery and one think I am 100% sure of from getting to know babies and parents: you must be a super special mommy with a huge heart to be given a special angel to care for! Don't let yourself get overwhelmed! This is all part of a beautiful plan :)

Sophie a 2 likes

I think I need to have some one to help me and my heart to calm down . When I am looking at my four year old son that he can't talk and he diagnosed with mild autism . My heart is crying . You can see his pic in my profile . I just need a good word to say to calm down my heart .

Stephanie M 3 likes

You got this mama remember to breath and he is your precious little boy who needs you more than ever sending love and support!!!

Mom of Boys 4 likes

We discovered my son had a speech delay early on and he was put into speech therapy right away. Early intervention is so helpful. It took us sometime time to find the right place for him but he is about to be 4 and he loves to talk. You would never know he had a speech problem before. Life is full of challenges but there's a God out there who cares for you and your son and I can testify to the many miracles my son alone has experienced. Be hopeful it will be ok, give it to God and pursue help.

Caitlin V 3 likes

Just work with him and find strength in knowing you know now so you have time to find and implement the resources most effective for your child. The worst thing I see is parents who don't find out until elementary and middle school and by that time are so overwhelmed by the feeling that their kid is a stranger that they melt down. But your baby is just the same as he's always been and your job hasn't changed. You guys just might do things a little different and there's nothing wrong with that.

Humera K 1 like

I live in New York. Where are you? It will be really helpful for me if I discuss what I see in him.

Humera K 2 likes

Thanks for everyone's support

Margaret T 3 likes

Whooo!!hold up! My daughter didn't talk until she was three! I cried bc I was told she may have 100 and 1 things wrong! She ended up getting tubes in her ears bc it turned out she was having ear infections and I also did flash cards with her every night! Finally I prayed over her every single night! 5 years later....she talks way too much! We were told she can be moved up a grade level bc she's too ahead Is a great reader and won an award for her writing! Girl God can do anything for your baby

Margaret T 3 likes

Trust and believe plz be careful with letting people diagnose your child too quick/soon! I regret stressing over everyone else's thoughts on my baby! Do what you feel is right give praying a try see what happens then move forward Hope some part of this helpedπŸ’›

A V 1 like

HHHH - I am in Texas but I can still help you!

A V 1 like

Rozina - I will be a friend to help you through this if you want. I can give you my email if you want. I will try to help with any questions or just be a place for you to vent. I've been through all these feelings!

Sophie a 0 likes

Tnx Adrean I want to be your friend I need for a kind friend like you

Humera K 0 likes

Thank you all for you words and support

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