I'm 19 weeks pregnant and some days I look pregnant and some days I don't. I'm getting a lil worried bcuz I haven't felt any movement yet and I'm not really showing. Even tho I know it's my first pregnancy so I may not show right away. I just need some encouraging words or something!

Nicole S 1 like

I didn't feel any movement until right about 19/20 weeks. And it was very subtle. If I wasn't lying flat on my bed and not moving at all I wouldn't have felt the fluttering. Even then it was a very slight movement. And as for showing, everyone is different. I didn't really show until about 6 months. Believe me, you will show soon enough. A lot of the weight is put on at the end. At least it was for me.

Amanda K 1 like

My first pregnancy I didn't feel anything til almost 22 weeks! It is very subtle. You have to be laying really still to feel it. You'll feel it soon!!

Jennifer D 1 like

You will feel your baby! They are probably just so comfortable in your womb! And you should feel blessed that you aren't showing! Some women just carry babies differently. I was showing by the 3rd month lol....

Shannan P 1 like

I was the same way! I kept thinking that I was getting a bump but then it would go away. It's mostly bloating at that point. I didn't show until 20 something weeks and didn't feel baby til 20. You are just fine!!! :)

Sarahi V 1 like

I was the same way girl, dont worry , everything is fine :) F

Katie B 1 like

Don't worry!! Sometime your not even aware that what you feel is the baby!! Took me awhile to figure out it was baby moving and not gas!!

Kristin M 1 like

I didn't feel movement until 23 weeks but all the emails say it should be 18 weeks and on! My sonos showed a VERY active boy, and when he started he never stopped! As for appearance, hold on girl, that belly is coming! I thought I popped at 20 weeks. Nope. It got really big around 24! 😉

Tere M 1 like

I didn't feel anything until 22-23 weeks! Don't worry, you'll be fine.

April M 1 like

My belly didn't show until after a couple of months.i just blew up from one day to the other and only got bigger after that.soon enough it'll show :)

Kristin G 1 like

I didn't feel my son move until about 25 weeks and it was very subtle. I didn't start showing until almost 6 months. Don't worry too much:)

Kendra J 1 like

Thank you so much ladies you guys don't know how much you've relaxed my nerves! In fact I deleted all of those pregnancy apps because I think they were worrying me too much lol

Megan W 0 likes

With my first pregnancy, I didn't feel any movement until I was 22-23 weeks along.

Kayla R 1 like

I was around 95 lbs when I first got pregnant and I didn't find out that I was until my 7th month bc I didn't get that baby bump till a few weeks before she was born so don't worry everyone's different

SSZ 1 like

Same with me and people were telling me I would feel my baby go crazy after eating cake at my own baby shower but I didn't feel a thing! My toddler is the most active one at daycare these days!

Jules M 1 like

Don't worry, it all depends on where your placenta is located to. If it's in front you might not feel anything for awhile. Ask your doc next time where it is, also if your baby is small it can take awhile. Before you know it you will be woken up by the moving all night long! :)

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