My son is 14 months and tiny. He won't eat purées and refuses the foods that most babies love-breads, pastas, hotdogs, cheese. His favorite foods include scrambled eggs, grilled salmon, oatmeal, and blueberries. He used to eat bananas but won't eat those anymore either. I'm out of ideas and tired of throwing away several meals a day bc he won't eat them. What do your babies like to eat? Healthy or not--I just need some variety!!!!

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There's no reason to start him on junk food. Looks like e is willing to eat a decent variety of healthy foods. Just stick with those during mealtime and introduce one new thing each time. Don't give up on new thing just bc he refuses it first few times. Toddlers do that. But if you keep reintroducing they will come around and eat it eventually. Keep it healthy.

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How about some homemade mac n cheese

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All I can say is keep trying. They go through stages and sometimes will decide that they will try a food they previously rejected. Is he feeding himself or are you feeding him?Mine would only eat by feeding himself, it was messy but he loved it and started grubbing. He was small too, still is but he is just a little guy.

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Mac n cheese is always a winner here. Mashed potatoes. Breakfast sausage. Cheese sticks. Homemade fried rice. Whatever we eat we give some to LO.

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My daughter did and still does the EXACT same thing. The only thing that has worked is giving her the foods she will eat with new foods or foods she refuses. It's takes them 20-30 tries for them to eat the new food. It's a slow process but it's been working for us. I just make sure she has at least 16 oz of milk a day. The thing that keeps me calm is knowing that she will not starve herself. If she's hungry, she'll eat whatever is in front of her.

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Eggo waffles, mini pancakes, cereal bars, cut up deli ham/cheese, quesadilla, chicken nuggets, mac & cheese, chef boyardee, dry cereal, veggie straws, mini club crackers, cut up melon, ground beef/turkey, tater tots, ravioli, fish sticks, pb&j, graham crackers, mini pepperoni, mini ham cubes, mixed veggies. Just try little bits of everything. It can take up to 10 tries (sometimes more) for a kid to like something. Good luck mama!

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Tacos, Mac and cheese, fruits cut up, chicken fingers, cheese stick, little boiled carrots, pancake, mix veggies in his eggs, French toast, burger cut up in little pieces, maybe u put little hotdog cut up pieces in his egg, yogurt, try different kind of bread (pepperidge farm has really nice skinny bread). Good luck! Mine is only 5 months but this is just ideas

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My baby boy LOVES pickles, and he likes veggie straws, it feels like a chip to him. He also really really likes peanut butter and honey sandwhiches

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My boys eat EVERYTHING But to get my 4 year old to eat his carrots I stew them in butter sugar and cinnamon and he tears them up!! Just encourage him to eat the foods he already likes. And he will outgrow his picky phase

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My 15 month old loves to eat avocados, bananas, pb&j, toast, yogurt, veggie straws, cubed cheese and turkey, pasta, those dole fruit cups, and pizza. Good luck so sorry! I know it's frustrating

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My little guy just turned 18 months - taco lasagna, crockpot lasagna, homemade pizza, spinach, any meat (ham, turkey, chicken, hamburger) - he loves it all & those are all foods we've given him since about 12 months on.

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My son loves muffins... All different kinds... I've done banana and kale, blueberry, zucchini and carrot, raspberry, banana.. Possibilities are endless! Good luck!

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Also okay not to eat puréed. Just steam things until they are soft: broccoli, sweet potato, peas, carrots, spinach, cauliflower... Avocado is great...

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You can mix bacon and sausage in with the scrambled eggs, try putting a little bit of peanut butter on little bits of Apple, maybe he will eat bananas again if you put a little bit of peanut butter on it? Try spaghetti and when you make the sauce just blend a lot of veggies into the sauce so it's good for him. Try mashed potatoes, if he likes that then steam cauliflower add some cheese to it and mash it up so it has consistency of mashed potatoes.

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