13 days old and SO fussy. We can't get him to sleep at night. He kicks, grunts, and flails his arms and doesn't want anything. He will nurse but then after he's done we don't know why he's fussy. I've tried swaddling, gas drops, giving him to dad, rocking him, bicycling his legs, laying him on his stomach, skin to skin, music, and singing. Help me 😭 nothing is helping.

Mrs. H 1 like

For the first several weeks my lo partied all night & slept all day.... Just had her days & nights mixed up.

Jessica G 1 like

Maybe still hungry? If you are breastfeeding and supply is low that could be it.

Traci U 1 like

He's not hungry he literally won't take either boob. Won't even open his mouth for it. I have a ton of milk (my husband sometimes gives a bottle so I have to pump and I can fill the bottle with one boob)

elizabeth o 1 like

if you can fill the bottle with one boob, you might have an oversupply. and baby isnt getting the fatty good part of the milk

Car P 1 like

Put him in a carrier and walk around the house maybe

Diana F 1 like

Do you have a swing? That always distracts my baby, he either looks at the little toys and falls asleep or keeps him happy until he's peed or hungry. I don't put him there a lot but it helps so much! Try talking to him, I know he's a month but he might like that:) goodluck!!

Ty L 1 like

Put him in a warm bath with you. Just let the warm water run over you guys. Bath time with mommy always soothed my baby.

Autumn 2 likes

Does he sleep during the day? He may have his days/nights mixed up still if so.

Tara V 2 likes

Might be colicky. That's about when my LO started getting inconsolable. She would cry for hours for no reason. U can try something called Colic Calm. Nothing really worked for my LO. I tried everything in the book! She had to be swaddled to sleep. We pretty much just had to wait it out. As soon as she turned 4 months it was like she was a new baby. Now at 7 months she's the happiest little babe ever! Good luck.

tiffany m 1 like

we had the same problem we bought these drops their called Gerber Soothe Probiotic drops. they are expensive but they started working within three days for us. the bottle design is cappy but they are so worth it for us. also at Walmart they have a heating rice pad called happy tummy I believe and that helps so much to

Tiku P 1 like

Try swing. It really helped my baby

Traci U 0 likes

We tried the swing 😭 it didn't work.

K L 1 like

Is it at a certain time each day? My dd started it every evening when she turned 3 weeks. She would just cry and cry. She wasn't hungry. She wouldn't sleep until she wore herself out. It eventually got better. Maybe around 5 weeks? We did however learn that the sound of the blow dryer coming from another room calmed her. Also, there was a certain hold, the football hold, from The Happiest Baby on the Block that calmed her. Try to google it. I think there are some pics online. Good luck!

Mama Of M*** and A*** 1 like

Bring stroller to your room and put baby to stroller and try to get him to sleep there. Its an only thing that helped my baby to sleep

Julie H 1 like

It might be acid reflux? My lo had that and we finally fixed it with medication at 2 months old

Traci U 0 likes

Yeah it's every night around 9-11 or 12. I'll try that

Aubrey A 1 like

That's wat my husband did at that age... If it doesn't change within the next week or so get him to a asthma doctor cuz that's wat my husbands parents did and found out he had asthma

Traci U 0 likes

He has been wheezing some

Lori L 0 likes

Try taking him to the chiropractor. Some chiropractors do baby care. Our baby was crying so hard she would hold her breathe and turn purple. Eating problems, sleeping problems, gas, everything we thought it was colic turns out the top 2 vertebras were misaligned when she was born. She was stuck at the shoulder and neck Which caused this problem. We have taken her 2 times and she's a different baby.

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