I'm 11 weeks pregnant and I can't hardly eat anything. My nausea is a little better but I still can't eat a thing! When I try and eat is when I get REALLY sick. I only eat maybe 10-15 bites of food by the end of the day. Is there anything to do to fix this? And is it going to affect my baby? This is weird for me, I live in the south and I normally LOVE food, every type! Thanks

Bryanna T 1 like

Anti nausea medication?

A W 1 like

Diclectin saved me

Melissa H 1 like

If you have tried anti nausea meds and they don't work it could be hyper emesis

Lauren A 2 likes

I would try and eat as much high protein as you can tolerate. Take prenatal vitamins with DHA, and let your doctor know that your having issues. They can prescribe something that is safe for you and the baby.

Mommamba N 2 likes

Try emetrol? Ginger gum, supplements, candy. Pressure point bracelets. Try downing ensures so that you maintain calories and nutrition

Sarah C 2 likes

I used sea bands and loved it! They were the only thing that helped!

Mama B 1 like

Haha that's how I felt!! I was so sad the first trimester cause I normally LOVE food too! and I hated everything! I barely ate at all, but you definatly make up for it in the second trimester. Try preggie pops, you can get them at babies r us. They worked pretty good on me. but only for a short time.

Jenna H 3 likes

Nothing helped me to keep food down when I was pregnant. It was like this for 18 weeks! Ensure helped me to get the nutrients I needed until I could hold food down again.

Lauren A 2 likes

I've seen preggie pops at target with the pre/postnatal vitamins too.

Lindsay D 0 likes

Thanks! Im taking anti nausea meds, drinking ginger ale, using Seabands and sucking on preggo pops. But that's about it. I can drink anything but I can't eat anything!! I'm normally not to nausea until I try and eat

Lauren A 1 like

Talk with your doc about ensure, so your getting more vitamins. That may help out

Julia C 1 like

Eat salty foods such as pretzels or crackers until you can eat heavier foods. You can also try drinking Gatorade it helped settle my stomach when I was pregnant and I had terrible nausea for the first 5/6 months. It's Normal for the first trimester so don't be worried.

Bryanna T 1 like

You would know if it's HG it's terrible and I wouldn't wish it on anyone

Kristy 1 like

Diclectin and Preggie pops work for me

Lindsay D 0 likes

Thanks I'll try ensure and see if that helps. I'm just worried that not eating anything with affect my baby. I can deal with feeling crappy I just don't want to do something that's bad for them. I wasn't sure if me not eating would affect them and their growth

Mommamba N 1 like

No it won't affect their growth bc they take what they need from you whether u have it to spare or not lol. The ensure is for you!

Shaina H 1 like

Try saltines, they're bland, have salt and are a little filling.

Cortney M 1 like

I ordered Preg Ease online. It's a chewable vitamin for morning sickness. Vit b6, b12, & calcium. Really helped me might be worth a try 😊

Elsy W 1 like

I lost 22 pounds in my first trimester and we were worried about the baby too. Nausea medicine never worked on me. OB GYN told us not to worry about it, she said during the depression women won't eat anything and still have healthy babies. Plus your baby won't even start getting food from you until 2nd trimester. You should be good!

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