Hi Mommy's I'm 10 weeks pregnant and morning sickness is brutal for me . Any tips to help me get through the sickness !

Nora G 0 likes

Seabands helped me! Also bubbly water with lime.

Krystal L 0 likes

Drink water & eat crackers before your feet hit the floor in the am.

Krystal L 0 likes

Also eat more frequently & smaller amounts per time throughout the day

Sara S 0 likes

Talk to your doctor if it is really bad. There are many things they can prescribe that work great. In the mean time try bland food, no acidic fruit ( I like watermelon), and the best (not for you) potato chips.

Paige H 0 likes

Sprite and saltines girl! Helped with all three of mine and my current.

Kimberly H 0 likes

Try ginger, ginger ale is also good!

Angela C 0 likes

Half a Unisom & a B6 tablet. It's the only thing that got me through my first trimester all 3 pregnancies :-)

Millie B 0 likes

I had HORRIBLE morning sickness. I lost 18lbs and wasn't able to eat for a few weeks. I started off small, because an empty stomach made me throw up but so did water and any food. Hawaiian rolls, ginger snaps, the small iced animal crackers in the hot pink packet (not the fully iced ones), popsicles. Good luck! It's horrible and I'm sorry you're experiencing it 😕

Katie V 0 likes

Peppermint, ginger candy, lemon candy. And lots of goldfish crackers 😀

Kasey J 0 likes

Ginger tea with each meal and starlight peppermints helped me tremendously!!!!

Michelle N 0 likes

Earth Mama teas. keeping saltines/graham crackers in all of your pockets/purses, starchy carbs should help ease it. Also, lollipops. If you want a healthy alternative there is a brand called Yummy Earth. And last but not least, sometimes the best remedy for the nausea is honestly to just let it out. As soon as you throw up you feel like a million bucks so the times I would just give in I felt much better instantaneously :/

Hunter M 0 likes

Preggy pops worked for me! Also my OB prescribed me zofran which eliminated any nausea/vomiting I was having!

Krista M 0 likes

French fries is a great relief!!! No ketchup though :)

Val L 0 likes

Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well - I'm in the same boat at feel at 11 weeks. Try Peppermint tea and vitamin B6 (25 mg three times a day). Hang in there! We're almost out of the rough part ☺️

Lulu L 0 likes

Try to eat some salty crackers before u get out of bed.. It helps a lot!

Jayde H 0 likes

Zofran-I was sick my entire pregnancy and its the only thing that worked

Kamilla 0 likes

Ginger tea

Lil C 0 likes

Nothing worked for me except sleeping so I wouldn't feel it, good luck take it one day at a time, try it all see if anything works bc we r not all the same, what works for some doesn't for others :( I feel your pain. (Suck on hard candy, worked my 1st preg, not my 2nd)

Chelsey H 0 likes

Peppermints and salty snacks. Also, try switching to gummy prenatal vitamins.

Erin G 0 likes

They make ginger pills for pregnant women :) they helped me all through my first and second trimester

Sarah L 0 likes

You just have to find what works for you. I had a terrible time, nothing worked until I figured out I had pregnancy acid reflux. 8 months later I stopped puking with proper meds.

April D 0 likes

Ginger ale and crackers. Try taking your vitamins at night.

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