Can any moms of 1 year olds share their lo's sleep schedule? Thanks :)

Vanessa T 1 like

My daughter will be 1 on 12/9 and right now this is our routine.. 7-8pm bath and bedtime 7-8am wake up 11am nap Right now we are between 1-2 naps.. Somedays she only needs 1 nap and others I need to put her down for a second nap ... Usually around 3ish Hope this is helpful

Melissa B 1 like

Bed at 7pm wakes at 11pm for a bottle. Sometimes fussy throughout night but usually sleeps until 4am bottle again then sleeps till 8-8:30am During the day he usually takes just an hour nap from 12-1

Jill M 1 like

My 13 MO is up around 7am then takes a morning nap at 10. Then another afternoon nap around 2 or 3 then bedtime is at 8 pm

Melissa B 1 like

My son has reflux though so this is the best schedule he's gotten on since the switch his medicine a month ago. ๐Ÿ˜Š

BabyRellO's M 1 like

My LO is 14 months and just started sleeping in his own bed and through the night a few weeks ago. Typically we start to wine down at 7pm in our bedroom (or bath every other night). We hang out watching tv, talking and relaxing. At 8 I give him a bottle and while he's drinking I'll massage his feet incorporating lavender essential oils to help him sleep. When he's finished drinking we'll say "nite nite Daddy, Chili, Pepper (our dogs) and I'll walk him to room turn on Scout, his glowing turtle.

BabyRellO's M 2 likes

Ooh and he is currently taking 2 naps during the day. Between 8-9am Between 12-2pm depending how long his first nap is. I call them growing days when he naps longer than 2 1/2 hours.

Mich I 1 like

Up between 630 and 7 plays in crib for about 45 min while I get dressed Nap from 11:30-1:30 Bath at 5:45 Bed at 6:15ish and down for the night.

Kristy N 1 like

My LO is now 18 months. She has had same schedule since 6 months (had more naps before then). Goes to bed between 8:30-9pm. Sleeps until I wake her up the next day.. Usually between 8-8:30am. Weekends we sleep in until about 10! Takes a nap after lunch for 2-3 hours! Between 1-4pm. Gives me time to clean the house and play games with my older boys! Does same nap time at daycare too!

Wendy B 1 like

My 1 year old wakes up between 8-9am takes a nap between 12-2pm that usually lasts an hour, then starts getting ready for bed at 8pm. She gets a bath, a bottle of about 6 ounces. A prayer and goes to bed before 9pm until the next morning. Hoping my new born follows in her foot steps :)

Linsi M 1 like

Wake up between 745 & 8 Nap 945 Lunch 12 Nap 230 Dinner between 5 & 530 Bath 700 Stories in bed 725 Hugs & kisses 745 Lights out 745 Snacks are fit in when they need/want them

Charo C 1 like

One yr old twins Up 6:30-7 milk (they only use sippy cups) Breakfast at 10am Nap Milk at 12 Lunch 1:30-2 Nap Milk 4 Dinner Bath Milk Bed at 7:30pm they sleep thru the night

Kayla W 1 like

I work late usually so my daughter goes to bed between 8-10 then sleep till about 9-10:30 usually goes down for a 2 hours nap around 1-2

Natalie C 1 like

At one year... Wake 7 Nap 9-11 Nap 2-4 Bed 7 At 18 months... Wake 7 Nap 12:30-4 Bed 7

Perfectly M 1 like

It USED to be: 6a wake. 11-2 nap. 5-6p nap. 8 or 9p bed. NOW she's 18 mos and it's: 7a wake. 12-2 nap. 7 or 8p bed. This works well for us.

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