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Push Gifts For New Moms

Photo by Jamie Street

During my first pregnancy, I had no idea what a push present was. Until one day, a girlfriend who was also pregnant asked if I had picked one out yet. She laughed when I told her I had no idea what she was talking about. And so began my education on push presents: gifts from your husband for having a baby. And I began to question, what are good push gifts for new moms?

Personally, I wasn’t expecting a push present. I didn’t have anything picked out, didn’t drop hints to my husband for something I wanted and figured that if I wanted to get a ‘gift’ after my little guy was born, I’d just order it online when I found the right thing. But my husband surprised me with a beautiful necklace of sapphires, the birthstone of our new bundle of love.

Finally, I understood the point of a push present: it’s not some big reward for carrying and delivering your sweet new baby. It’s a symbol of pride and love for what you’ve created.

Whether you’re on the fence about push gifts for new moms – or already searching for what your hubby should get you – finding the best fit doesn’t have to be a challenge. We’ve pulled four of our favorite options to help you find the perfect fit!

Tagged Jewelry

You’ve likely seen the sweet necklaces moms everywhere are wearing, adorned with the names of their babies. There’s a variety of designs out there – from dog tag styles to stackable circles – which means there’s a great option to fit your sense of style. Whether this is your first child or your sixth, there are ways to include all of your sweet babies names on this type of necklace. Look on Etsy for some great finds at affordable prices!

Gorgeous Lockets

Because push gifts for new moms are about celebrating their new baby, choosing something that’s representative of your new child is a great gift idea. Modern lockets are a beautiful choice, and since you can have baby’s initials engraved on the front and place baby photos inside clasp, it’s a memorable piece that you’ll cherish for years to come. And since it’s personalized to your baby, it’s something you can hand down as your child gets older.

Handprint Necklace

My second child, my daughter, came early – too early. As we worked through the trauma of her death, my husband encouraged me to find something I could keep close to my heart to remember her. We had a necklace made that had an impression of her handprint and footprint, as well as her name inscribed on the back. It’s so beautiful, many of my friends have had them made for their living babies, too. It’s a great push gift to commemorate the birth of your child, and will help to always keep them at the front of your mind when you wear it.

Expensive Baby Gear

For most new moms, it’s just not realistic to invest in every piece of hot new baby gear on the market. Big ticket items – like fancy strollers or luxurious gliders – have great features, but can carry a pretty hefty price tag, so most of us skip them for a more moderately priced option. But if there’s something that you really want (like a fancy, celeb-worthy stroller that costs as much as a nice piece of jewelry), why not consider it for a push present? After all, you’ll probably get a lot more use out of baby gear than another piece of jewelry – and it can be just as fun to show off!

Although the whole concept of a push gift for new moms has some negative connotations (depending on who you ask), it doesn’t have to be about an overly expensive piece of jewelry as a reward for surviving labor and delivery. If you go about it the right way, push gifts can be a focus on celebrating the birth of your child and serving as a reminder that you created something amazing. Carrying and delivering a baby is a beautiful thing – you deserve something to celebrate that!

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