Postpartum Depression Awareness with SmartMom

Things to Do While Breastfeeding - SmartMomSmartMom was created as an exclusive question and answer forum for mothers to ask any question and get answers in real time from peers. In the last three years, SmartMom has become so much more.

SmartMom is a place to celebrate big milestones and small wins, a place to vent frustrations and blow off steam, and a place where we find inner strength and the energy it takes to “mom so hard.”

Most importantly, SmartMom is a safe place. SmartMom has seen a number of our members discuss their battles with Postpartum Depression, a mood disorder that affects 20% of new mothers. This month, we are raising awareness for Postpartum Depression by opening up the conversation about PPD to the SmartMom community and beyond while providing valuable resources to those in need.

We will be hosting a live chat with a labor, delivery, and postpartum specialist, Maura Winkler. Maura is the owner of Chicago Birth and Baby, a company dedicated to supporting women through the entire process of motherhood. Maura has personally helped hundreds of women as a registered nurse, midwife, and certified birth & postpartum doula.

In additional to supporting conversations in the app, here are a few resources SmartMom provided over the last few years for Postpartum Depression:

Natural Remedies for Postpartum Depression

How to Help Postpartum Baby Blues

The Secret to Surviving the First Six Weeks After Baby is Born

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