postpartum baby blues

How to Help the Postpartum Baby Blues

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that bringing a new baby into the world can be totally overwhelming. You start to realize this more and more the closer you get to your delivery date. With every passing day, the fact that your growing baby bump will soon be a little bundle of joy in your arms begins to feel a lot more like reality. And along with that amazing feeling of excitement for your new little one can come some little doubts – for example, questioning whether you’re really ready to care for a newborn. This all culminates after your baby is born – they call it the postpartum baby blues.

As your hormones go through major changes (yet again) and you’re living in a super sleep deprived state where every waking moment you are suddenly caring for a newborn, feeling a little down can be a totally normal part of the postpartum period. Add in the fact that your body doesn’t feel anything like your own and it’s easy to see why so many mamas feel a little down after delivery. To help you figure out how to deal with all the life changes and emotions that can appear after your baby arrives, I’ve got all of the best tips for coping with the postpartum baby blues below.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

Feeling like you just can’t do it all after your baby arrives is totally normal. So instead of looking at your to-do list with a feeling of frustration, cut yourself some slack. Although it might not feel like it right now, the weeks after you give birth go by really quickly. Enjoy your time with your baby and don’t worry so much about keeping up with the household chores. Instead, take friends and family up on their offers to bring by food and clean your house. If you can, hire a short-term housekeeper to pick up some of the slack. The more you can focus on just being a mom and adjusting to your new routine, the easier it will be. And eventually, you’ll get back on track. You know, once you can actually get some sleep!

Connect with Other Moms

One of the best things I did after the birth of my first child was to get out and connect with other moms. I joined a few online moms groups and ultimately connected with a bunch of awesome mamas in my town who got together weekly for playdates. Getting out of the house and having a chance to talk with other moms on a regular basis can help you feel less like you’re doing this completely on your own, as well as help you to see that it’s totally normal to feel less like yourself than usual after baby comes. And it’s a great way to infuse some fun into your daily routine, which can help you snap out of those postpartum baby blues a little more quickly!

Get Some Rest

Remember the first trimester of pregnancy, when all you wanted was a mid-afternoon nap to keep those nauseous feelings at bay? The postpartum baby blues are kind of the same, because they are totally magnified by not getting enough sleep. Sure, caffeine can help – but nothing can really replace an extra hour of sleep in your day. So listen when people tell you to nap when your baby does. A little extra rest can go a long way towards feeling more like yourself at the end of the day. 

Postpartum Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression

Feeling a little down after having a baby is totally normal. In fact, it’s estimated that around 80 percent of new moms deal with some degree of this after having a baby. But if you continue to feel down for more than two or three weeks after your baby arrives, it’s time to check in with your doctor. They can help you find more intense support and give you the right resources to handle what you’re feeling. And that can definitely get you back to feeling like yourself more quickly.



Anyone had trouble with postpartum depression? Any advice? I struggled with bipolar depression long before baby and postpartum is really rough. I’ve continued breastfeeding until now, but I’m considering weaning so I can get back on something…

I’m dealing with postpartum depression, and my anxiety is the worst it’s ever been. My fiancé works constantly, and I stay home with our daughter. I was so happy, and then out of no where when I was 5 months pp, the baby blues hit hard. I feel so disappointed. I thought I was in the clear, but apparently it can appear anywhere in the first year. I’m in between insurance, so I am waiting to be able to afford the medication I need. As of now this sucks though. Any other Mommas been thru this?

How do you cope with the first few weeks postpartum. Sleep deprivation, cluster feeding and feeling like a wet-nurse slave to your baby. Feeling depressed and cooped up, wondering when will this get better. Coping strategies?

“Im not looking for sympathy or anything just venting…I’m 8 weeks PP and my stomach looks like saggy balls with massive stretch marks and my body is just gross. I’m soooo thankful my body allowed me to carry my beautiful healthy tiny girl but my body is just depressing and its almost summer time now.
Looking at this little face makes it all better but I still struggle with it.
Any other mommas struggling with me?”

“Sometimes I feel bad because I hate being pregnant 🙁 I told my mom in-law and she started ranting how I’m depressed and how I will have postpartum. I don’t think I’m depressed I’m just miserable being pregnant. Am I the only one??? Should I be more excited/happy??”

So after much deep thought I realize that this last year has sucked. I’ve allowed postpartum depression to take over and not allow me to love my son like I should. And I’m sad I’ve never had that happy “mom glow” or cute pictures with him or his handprints and footprints or photo albums and it just feels like I’ve failed at capturing the happy part of parenthood. I want to change. But where do I go from here?

I know postpartum depression is a thing, but postpartum anxiety? My anxiety and paranoia is out of control and it seems to just be getting worse. Has anyone else experienced this and what should I do to help?

My daughter is a month old tomorrow and I think I’m struggling with some postpartum depression. My daughter isn’t sleeping during the day and is only getting about 8 hours of sleep a day. Any tips on dealing with the depression that don’t include meds? Or tips to get my LO to sleep more often?

“Hi mommies! Did anyone take y’all’s placenta home? I’m thinking of taking mines home and getting it capsulated. I heard it was good for postpartum depression, energy, lactation, and much more.
What are your thoughts?”

I really wish i someone to talk to. I think I have postpartum depression but I have never been seen for it. I just want to cry and cry.


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