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Party Ideas for Toddlers

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For many people the idea of throwing a party for a group of toddlers can be daunting, perhaps even downright terrifying. And you may worry that you have no party ideas for toddlers. But here’s the good news: toddlers are easy to please (in most cases, anyway). Don’t let the idea of throwing a party for these little ones overwhelm you and cause you to run for cover. You can keep it short, simple and stress-free. It’s possible, I promise! The first question you might have could be, “What on earth do I DO with all of these toddlers for a party?” Here are several ideas that could make you the party-throwing champion of the neighborhood.

Turn them loose in a play area. There are so many places now where kids can just run, play and get all the energy out in a safe and fun environment. From gymnastics to bouncy houses to indoor playgrounds, the options available today are incredible. Plus, these groups know how to entertain toddlers! It never hurts to have an expert help you out.

Have a water party. If you’re throwing a party in the summertime, consider having a water party. Set up sprinklers, water tables and water balloon games and let the kids run around the backyard. You won’t have to worry about the dangers of a swimming pool and the kids can keep cool in the heat.

Have a toddler painting party. I don’t know too many kids who don’t like to get messy, so this is great for toddlers. Set up a painting station (preferably somewhere that is suitable for a mess) and bring along kid-safe finger paints. Let the kids paint with their fingers (and toes!) on a giant piece of paper. Afterward, enjoy colorful treats and party favors.

Host a circus. Setting up some circus games and attractions is easier than you think. Don’t forget the beanbag game, the ring toss and the rubber duck grab. Have several different stations at once so that you can keep the kids moving and they won’t get bored. For some extra fun, hand out tickets that can be redeemed for prizes at the end of the party.

Let them all make believe. Pull together a bunch of your own clothes, uniforms, costume jewelry and more and let the kids go to town. The kids can put on their own shows, build their own cities and even take turns dressing you up as whatever character they come up with!

The secret to a great toddler party is to keep it moving and keep it short (two hours is really the maximum amount of attention they will give you on a good day). Be creative and know that they are looking for something engaging, fun and entertaining.

We have another post about how to host a spa day for little girls! Just another idea for a party you can throw.



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