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Natural Remedies for Teething Babies That Actually Work

Most babies begin teething between four and six months old. Though you may not see any tooth buds appearing in your baby’s mouth, it does not mean that they are not in pain trying to cut that tooth. Teething can be very painful for infants and can cause sleepless nights (for parent and baby), congestion, and fussiness. However, there are natural remedies for teething babies which all parents can feel safe administering to their little one in order to relieve some teething pain.

Cold Washcloth

Have nothing on hand but a freezer and a washcloth? You’re in luck! A very simple, but proactive way, to curb teething pain is by sticking a wet washcloth in the freezer. Let the little one suck on the cold towel and it is bound to alleviate some of their gum soreness. Some moms soak the towel in chamomile tea and then freeze it, as chamomile is known to ease pain.

Mesh Feeders

All the rage now are the popular mesh feeders, which resemble pacifiers, but have a mesh pocket for the baby to suck on. Mesh feeders are perfect natural remedies for teething babies, as you can insert some frozen fruit or ice cubes into the mesh pocket and there is no harm of baby choking. You can buy the baby safe feeders here.

Ice The Bottle

The freezer has a plethora of natural tricks for helping ease teething pain, such as icing the baby’s bottle. Fill the bottle with water, turn upside down, and freeze. When it’s frozen the baby can gnaw on the frozen nipple and rub it against their sore gums.

Facial Massage

Often you will notice your little one is teething because they rub their ears or cheeks. If they are in a relaxed state, try a gentle facial massage to calm their nerves and settle them down. Not sure how to give your baby a face massage? Check out this easy tutorial video and see if it helps soothe your teething baby.

Biter Biscuits

Sometimes it helps a teething baby to chomp down on something to relieve some of the pressure of the cutting tooth. Biter biscuits are historically a wonderful natural teething method. When it comes to teething biscuits there are many options: you could buy them, or make them. These Earth’s Best Organic Teething Biscuits are made from non-genetically modified ingredients and are a great option for babies 12 months and older.

If you need a gluten free teething biscuit, the Suzie’s Rice and Gluten Free Teething Biscuits are made from all real ingredients and a delicious cookie for a teething baby. If you’re into baking, check out this recipe for homemade teething biscuits that only has four ingredients. Steering clear of wheat? This recipe is easily adaptable for any flour and oil, which suits your baby’s needs.

Frozen Food

If your baby has tried different fruits and shows no allergy, than a simple teething solution is to freeze the fruit. Frozen pineapple rings make a perfect teether, as do slices of watermelon, and frozen bananas.

Your little one will love rubbing the cold fruit on their budding teeth, as well as tasting the natural sweetness.  Always monitor babies when eating in case they break off a chunk of food, which could be a choking hazard.

Teething Rings

If you need quick natural remedies for teething babies that involve neither food nor freezers, invest in some healthy teething rings for your baby. Wooden teething rings are a fantastic option, as they are healthier than plastic, just ensure that they aren’t coated with any toxic finishes.

These Waldorf teething rings are made from maple wood and are hand sanded to a smooth texture, with no coating or finish applied. This bear shaped teething ring is made from organic cotton and is sure to be soothing to pained gums.

Want to make teething a little more palatable for mama and baby? Check out these gorgeous chewable necklaces for mamas from Chewbeads. They are made from 100% silicone, so they are safe for both mama to wear, and baby to gnaw on, also a great gift for a new mom.


Once your little one’s teeth have grown in, here are some tips about getting them to brush those teeth! 


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