Natural Remedies for Postpartum Depression or Anxiety

Natural Remedies for Postpartum Depression or Anxiety

Many mothers experience “baby blues” while adjusting to life with their newborn. These feelings of anxiety combined with bouts of crying usually go away within the first few weeks. But some new mothers experience postpartum depression which is much more serious. If weeks have gone by and you are still feeling lonely, hopeless, helpless and fearful, you should seek the help of a doctor. A healthcare provider will be able to evaluate your symptoms to come up with a successful treatment plan that works for you. Not everyone wants to use medicine to help with the symptoms, and many seek natural remedies for postpartum depression and anxiety. The following are natural ways to reduce anxiety and may be helpful on their own or integrated with pharmacological treatment.

Take Time To Get Ready For the Day
It is amazing how someone so small can take up every minute of your day. But that is just what newborns do! It can be very easy to go an entire day without taking a shower or brushing your teeth because all your attention has been placed on your new little one. To reduce depression, take time every day for a shower and to keep up your appearance. Staying groomed will help you feel clean and refreshed.

Stick to a Routine
Even if you can’t get to that shower until 3pm in the afternoon, it’s still a routine. Having a routine and sticking to it will significantly reduce that feeling of hopelessness.

Whether you go for a walk, do yoga in your living room, or actually head out to the gym, once your doctor has given you the “OK,” get out and get physically active again. The fresh air and working up a good sweat will energize you. It is also a great opportunity to have some “me time.” If you have a friend or family member willing to watch your baby, take them up on the offer and head out for a jog. The endorphins you release while exercising will help you feel so much better afterwards.

Keep a Journal
This is a great thing to do while you are feeding your baby. Jot down your thoughts, feelings or even what you did that day. Writing will help you release your thoughts and give you the opportunity to re-read what you are feeling. In addition, your notes can be taken with you to a therapist or shared with a friend to help them understand what you are going through and gradually allow you to get the help you need.

Have Adult Time and Get Out
When it’s all baby all the time, it is very easy to feel trapped. You need to take the time to get out with other adults and enjoy yourself. Having adult conversations will bring back that normalcy you felt before you had a baby. Even if it’s just once a week, it will truly help your depression and give you something to look forward to during the week.

Postpartum depression is a serious issue for many mothers. It is not something you need to feel embarrassed about or try to hide. The sooner you address the issue and get help, the sooner you will feel better and be able to live happier for you and your baby. These natural remedies can significantly help relieve your depression, but be sure you seek professional help as well.


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