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Best Natural Energy Boosters for Moms

Photo by Jamie Street

We all love our children. There’s no denying that. But there’s also no denying how tiring they can be. Whether it’s the night feeds, the school runs or just simply running around after a toddler all day, many moms confirm feeling half the person they used to pre-offspring. Parenthood can be both physically and mentally draining and often leaves many in a state of utter exhaustion. So what’s the best way to tackle this exhaustion? Here’s some natural energy boosters that all moms can swear by.

Eating well is important. Healthy snacks and nutritious mealtimes will not only give you that little bit more energy to get through the day but will also make you feel more human until you are able to hit the hay. Too much coffee or sugar will only result in a dip in energy levels later on. Try and eat a low glycemic index diet, as this will sustain your energy levels evenly throughout the day and help you avoid those horrible blood sugar slumps that so often leave you reaching into the naughty cupboard at 3pm – snack on nuts, seeds and raw veggies. Good fats such as oily fish and avocados will keep you feeling fuller and more energised for longer and eggs are the perfect way to start the day. One other way to get all the very best nutrients you can is to get juicing. Cramming enough fruit and veg into one juice a day means you are getting all that goodness into you in one hit.

Take catnaps. I know that everyone says it and you are probably sick of being told to “sleep when the baby sleeps”. Especially when that pile of laundry in the corner is growing higher by the day. But even a quick twenty minute catnap while the little one naps or a sneaky short snooze when your other half gets in from work can have a dramatic effect on your energy and mood.

Sometimes the simple power of smell can bring you back to life. Keep the lavender and musk for the bedroom and fill the rest of your home with the energizing and refreshing scents of peppermint and eucalyptus which have both been known to make people more alert. Studies have even suggested that simply smelling coffee is as effective at waking you up as drinking it is.

Another idea is to play your favorite music. An upbeat, fast tempo and a good singalong to Taylor Swift can work wonders at giving you a quick boost.

Exercise. Even if it is only a brisk outdoor walk with the stroller. The combination of fresh air and those exercise endorphins can give you the quick boost you need in order to make it to bedtime. After exercising take a bath. Although baths are often considered to be relaxing and more likely to send you to sleep, salt baths are considered a fabulous way to feel more energized. Many report that after using Epsom salts in their bath they often feel rejuvenated and energized with much more of a spring in their step.

Finally try fresh ginger tea. Every morning grate some fresh ginger into some boiled water then leave to steep. After 5 minutes or so just strain the water into a mug or cup and drink. Not only will this zingy natural remedy give you the kick in the ribs you need to start your day but it will also leave you feeling awake, refreshed and full of the joys of spring.

We know all moms get tired and reaching for a Red Bull is not always an ideal choice. Hopefully these natural energy boosters will help you stay energized and awake all day long.

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