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7 Natural Cures for Morning Sickness

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For me, seeing the two pink lines that say, “hey, you’re pregnant!”  have been some of the best moments of my life. I can tell you exactly where I was – probably down to what I was wearing – each time I found out I was pregnant. But soon after that initial elation comes some of the less fun realities of pregnancy. Therefore, finding natural cures for morning sickness was something I thought would be very helpful.

 For most women, the first trimester is the hardest of any pregnancy. Not only are you dealing with the stress that goes along with early pregnancy, but there are also a bunch of changes happening within your body that can make it hard to get out of bed every day (because wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just hang out and sleep for a day? Just one day? I know).

 And as you’ve probably heard, the reality of “morning sickness” is that it doesn’t just strike in the early hours of your day – as a mom who is pregnant with our third child, I can attest to this. With all of my pregnancies I can expect consistent bouts of nausea mid-afternoon and right around bedtime. Whoever called this “morning” sickness certainly had a wicked sense of humor.

 Along with pregnancy comes a lot of dietary and medication restrictions – which means finding natural cures for morning sickness is essential. So, what are some ways you can help relieve your morning sickness while still being vigilant about what you can and can’t eat as a prego? Here are seven tips to get you started:

 1. Eat small meals throughout the day: Look for foods that offer protein, as they’re more likely to help ease your nausea. Keeping easy to access snacks on hand – like trail mix, string cheese or even those yogurts in a tube – can help you make sure you’re never running around with an empty tummy – which is when nausea is most prone to strike.

 2. Drink some real ginger ale: Really, anything that has real ginger in it can help settle your stomach. There are even ginger chews that you can order online or get at your local baby store to help with nausea when it hits while you’re on the go.

 3. Eat food at room temperature: Food aromas are stronger when your food is piping hot. So if smells are making your queasiness worse, try staying out of the kitchen until your food has cooled. And if specific foods are activating your nausea, stay away from them altogether!

 4. Use motion sickness bands: You can find these at pretty much any drugstore. They look like those sweatbands that were popular in the 80’s. Usually, they have a little plastic piece that sits on an acupressure point on each of your wrists – pressing on this point helps to relieve nausea.

 5. Stay hydrated: Dehydration can exasperate morning sickness. Keep a fresh bottle of water at your fingertips so that you can sip throughout the day. Bubbly waters are especially great to have on hand – sometimes switching things up from plain old water can help you get more of your recommended water intake each day. When I’m really nauseous, sports drinks are typically my best bet. For some reason, they’re easier to tolerate when you’re not feeling awesome.

 6. Get lots of rest: That nasty feeling in your belly can get worse if you’re not getting enough sleep, so take it easy! After all, you are pregnant – you deserve a rest every now and then.

 7. Get outside for a nice walk: Even if you can’t stand the thought of moving around, some fresh air can actually help you feel a little better. And getting some light exercise can be a great way to distract yourself from an upset belly.

Morning sickness is a really common pregnancy symptom that usually subsides by the time you hit the second trimester. While it’s not my favorite part of pregnancy, it’s definitely worth going through when you get to hold that beautiful bundle of joy at the end of nine months! And please remember to stay healthy throughout your pregnancy!


I’m not having morning sickness or any sign of being pregnant other then positive test, should I be worried? I’m six weeks along?

Hi guys! I am not very far along about 5 weeks but currently dealing with some really terrible morning sickness. It really lasts about the entire day but the morning is worse. Have you guys tried any nausea remedies that have worked for you? There is not much I can keep down at the moment. It’s a lot worse than my last pregnancy. TIA!

Is it safe to smoke marijuana while pregnant? I am 11 weeks pregnant today! But my morning sickness and anxiety is still pretty bad and I don’t want to take Xanax because that I know isn’t safe. I’m afraid to ask my doc because I don’t want her to think I’m a druggie smoking to get high…

I’m about 7 weeks pregnant and they say nausea and morning sickness is supposed to be something that should be going on I haven’t had any morning sickness only thing that I feel is being tired doing everyday things when I use to be just fine is that normal?

How many of you moms had morning sickness during your pregnancy? How long did it last and did you have a boy or girl?

Okay ladies! Please give me your advice on what helped with your morning sickness!

How many months does the morning sickness last?

Hi mommies I’m 10 weeks pregnant and morning sickness is brutal for me. Any tips to help me get through the sickness?

I’m 13 weeks pregnant and the morning sickness is terrible. Some days I can’t keep even water down. What can I do?

“I have the worst morning sickness. No energy. I hope it goes away 🙁 Any secret tips other than B vitamins and ‘it will eventually go away’ -or- eat crackers (yuck!). Protein seems to help only temporarily…

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