Mother’s Day Gift 2018

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we collected a series of #momhacks from our SmartMoms! With SmartMom, motherhood is a sisterhood. We share advice, answer each other’s questions, and offer support when needed. Here’s a quick list of tips, tricks and hacks as our Mother’s Day Gift to you:

“Give your teething baby cold celery to chew on!” – Mary @ SmartMom

“With any kind of transition or change – potty training, transitioning from bassinet to crib, etc. – there’s no easy way to do it, you just have to approach it with what you think works best for your family.” – Kristen, mama to 2 beautiful girls and Blogger of @BalancingPieces

“Don’t buy diaper Paul refill bags. Save the round plastic piece and use kitchen sized trash bags. We use the flap tie kind at Walmart (.98). Remove old bag from hold put the new one through the hole fold over the top or shove the top of the bag inside the plastic part!! #tonsofmoneysaved” – Amanda O.

“If you child won’t eat veggies buy a rabbit and they will be munching down greens in no time! I’m not joking my daughter lays in bed and eats raw kale alongside the rabbit!” – Corri McFadden of @Glitter_and_Bubbles</

“Keep an emergency diaper/clothes/wipes stash in the car.” – Stacey*

“Don’t get obsessed with milestones. So what if your friends baby started crawling at 6 months? Another transitioned to the rib with no resistance? Those are not your children, yours is going to do what it wants when it wants , with some guidance from you, of course!” – Kristina M.

“Don’t compare yourself to other mamas and judge. We’re all on our own journey and have our own way of doing things. Do what works for you!!” – Ty H.

“Oval drops are a life saver for a gassy baby.” – Katelyn J.

“Take time and enjoy your baby! Don’t worry about the house, laundry, dishes. It will still be there. Just enjoy baby snuggles. I know it’s a hard one(being an extreme neat freak myself). Get the house cleaned up and ready right before baby gets there and then just rest and snuggle.” – Proud Mom

“It’s okay to take time for yourself.” – RC

“The fact that you question your parenting skills and have doubts and concerns and are constantly worrying means you are trying to be the best mom you can be, keep questioning and improving. Hold your head up, mama’s you rock!” – Amanda M.

“A lot of pressure exists around the “pacifier.” If it soothes your child WHO CARES what anyone else thinks, let your child be done when they are done” – Corri McFadden of @Glitter_and_Bubbles

“Put your hand through the sleeve while putting on your child’s shirt, grab their arm (and long sleeve onesie) and put it through so the sleeve doesn’t get bunched up and uncomfortable for little one.” – First Time Mom

“Try not to stress about the little things and pick your battles.” – Thalia’s Mommy

“Nose Frida!” – I <3 My Kids

“It’s okay to let your little one cry for a few minutes while you take a few minutes to calm down.” – C R

“When my son was started to eat solids, we ate more puréed things like yogurt, potatoes, soups, and smoothies. This way he could eat without us having to spend the extra money on baby food.” – BC M

“Hold your kids as much as you can. When they are older they won’t want you to 🙁 ” – MommyJ

“Presence over presents.” – Mommy T

“Pull a onesie down after a blow out not up over their head…took me 3 kids to figure that one out! And don’t panic over every ouchie…they react the way you react!” – Sarah R

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You can view the full SmartMom thread, What was the best mom tip you ever got or came up with yourself? to see a few others added since publishing this post.

Happy Mother’s Day 2018, Love SmartMom

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