The Truth About Mood Swings During Early Pregnancy

The Truth About Mood Swings During Early Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant you’ve probably already had some experience with varying moods. One minute you might be laughing and enjoying spending time with a friend, the next minute you’re bawling your eyes out while watching a laundry detergent commercial. You might even find your moods are interfering with your work or home life. One moment you’re hugging your partner, then seconds later you’re snapping at him for a trivial thing. Or, for no apparent reason you find yourself tearing up in your cubicle. But not to worry, mood swings during early pregnancy are very common.

Mood swings occur because pregnant women experience dramatic increases in estrogen and progesterone as well as changes in a number of other hormones. These sudden increases effect your brain chemistry and can cause serious changes in your emotions. Especially during your first trimester (around 6-10 weeks) and third trimester as your body prepares for your baby, you might notice your mood swings more dramatically.

It is important to note that hormones are not the only cause of your mood swings. After all, having a baby is a major experience. Whether this is your first or fourth child, your life is about to change. Emotions ranging from excitement, happiness, delight, to worry, anxiety and fear are all common and completely normal feelings. When you add exhaustion and nausea to the mix it’s no wonder you may feel different from one minute to the next.

If you have a history of anxiety or depression, your symptoms could become worse. This is especially true if, under your doctor’s guidance, you have stopped taking your prescription anti-depressants. Be sure to monitor your mood swings and if they become intolerable, talk to your doctor. Along with depression, mood swings can be indications of more severe pregnancy issues such as anemia, gestational diabetes, hyperthyroidism or migraines. Talk to your doctor about medical options. He may be able to prescribe a safe alternative for you. 

You should not have to suffer through pregnancy. To help ease your mood swings, you can take a stress-reduction class or see a therapist. You may even try couples counseling so your partner can understand what you’re going through during this time. He may be filled with emotions as well and having the opportunity to discuss each other’s feelings with a professional can be extremely valuable. The more your partner is involved and is aware of your mood swings, the more he can help with techniques to reduce their severity.

Prenatal yoga, meditation and other forms of mild exercise are also healthy, natural options to help you handle your changing emotions. Maintaining a healthy diet with small frequent meals can help stabilize your blood sugar levels. Typically when your blood sugar drops your mood can change with it.

Most of all, don’t be so hard on yourself. You may feel nuts because you can cry and laugh at the same time, but it’s all part of the major changes your body is going through. Pamper yourself. Get plenty of sleep, take regular breaks and relax often. This is not the time to keep your thoughts to yourself. Rely on a trusted family member or friend to help you through this emotional and exciting time.



Any tips for “pregnancy raging monster syndrome” and heartburn? The past few days I’ve been SO MOODY and been having terrible heartburn. I burp when I can to alleviate the gas and guzzle water but it doesn’t help.

Does anyone believe that however your stress/mood/personality was during your pregnancy affected the personality of your LO? Please, feel free to share your personal experience with your one or multiple children!

Have any of you woke up feeling moody/sad while pregnant?

37 weeks pregnant and I hate today! I don’t know why but I feel like I am in the worst mood ever…

So I’ve been super moody I don’t even know if it’s moody or just sad but it’s a lot I e cried 4 times tonight and a ton yesterday I’m bipolar on top of the pregnancy hormones…

I’m 10 weeks along in pregnancy today, with my second child. Everything seems more intense with this pregnancy…my nausea is much worse, my body aches a lot more (especially my back), and the mood swings have definitely kicked in. I crave acidic and spicy foods (couldn’t eat them last pregnancy). Anyone else deal with opposite pregnancies?

Morning moms! I have a 14yrs old n a 10 mo n I’m about 8 weeks pregnant. All my pregnancies I turn into a crazy person. My question is did any of you experienced this n how did you control your moods when pregnant? I find it so hard to control it. Thanks!

I had my little one 2 months ago and I have been extremely moody the last few weeks…

I’m six weeks pregnant… still very early I know but my mood swings are horrible and it’s only with my child’s father. What could I do to control my mood more?

I am in need of some advise/thoughts on postpartum depression. I had my daughter in dec of 2012 and about 4 months later I still had the baby blues and finally got help with that and now I am a week away from my due date with baby#2 and I feel like it has only gotten worse…

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