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6 Reasons Mommy and Me Exercise Classes Are A Great Idea

Mommy and me exercise classes like aquafit, stroller fitness and mom ‘n baby yoga have never been more popular – and for good reason. Many new moms find themselves desperately wanting to get back in shape and lose their ‘mummy tummy’, but strangely enough, don’t have the energy to jog 5 miles once Junior’s in bed (anyone relate?).

This is where mommy and me exercise classes come in: they give you the flexibility to get back in shape, during the day, no childcare needed. Here are 6 reasons why you won’t regret trying a mommy and me class!

  1. It sets a healthy example for your child.

 From a very early age, kids learn to ‘do as mommy does, not as she says.’ In other words, if you want your kids to value exercise and make it a part of their daily lives, you need to engage in it yourself. Research suggests that kids whose parents engage in regular exercise are more likely to be involved in extracurricular sports and have higher cardiorespiratory fitness levels. So if you can’t muster up the motivation to exercise, think about the potential positive long-term impact on your child!

  1. It gives you quality, out-of-the-house time together.

 When you have a newborn, getting out of the house can be difficult. But staying home day after day with only the occasional trip to the grocery store can really wear you down after a while. Mommy and me exercise classes are a great excuse to get out and spend quality time together. Bonus: Because you’re going to get sweaty anyway, you don’t have to worry about showering or doing your hair before you go!

 3.  It may be the only chance you have to exercise.

Let’s get real – after an endless day of feeding, changing diapers and cleaning up messes, the last thing you want to do is exercise. Mommy and me classes let you get your workout done during the day when you still have (some) energy to spare, leaving evenings for more important activities (like, you know, sleep).

  1. They let you connect with other moms in your community.

Being a new mom can be isolating; even more so if you don’t have any mom friends. And rather than feeling like a dweeb introducing yourself to moms at the park, mommy and me classes give you a safe, non-threatening way to meet other parents (and no one will ever have to know how desperate you are for friends).

  1. They keep you accountable for your fitness.

 Keeping to a regular exercise routine is hard at the best of times, never mind with a new baby. Joining a mommy and me exercise class often means committing to attending on a weekly or bi-weekly basis – meaning even if you don’t show, you pay. Losing money is always a good motivator to keep to routine!

  1. They’re fun.

Some people love the baby stage, but that’s not everyone’s experience. Spending time just having FUN with your baby can be cathartic, and can add some much-needed positivity to that first year. If you try a class and aren’t having fun, don’t be afraid to try another one! There are so many types of classes out there; you don’t need to waste your time on one that’s not right for you or your baby.


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Have you tried a mommy and me exercise class? What’d you think? Share below! 


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