A mother and daughter put curlers in their hair to avoid the stigma of having a mom haircut.

Why You SHOULD Get a Mom Haircut

Isn’t it adorable when your kid-less friends with their fresh manicures and ombre color jobs tell you that when they have a baby, they are going to keep up with their appearance? Cute kid-less friends, we love you. We do. But, just you wait.

There is nothing you can do to prepare for the six-month period when getting a three-hour stretch of sleep during the night leaves you feeling “so rested!” You will not take an hour to flat iron your hair when you have a new baby in the house; I promise. You will not spend your morning copying Scarlett’s braid-filled hairdo from last night’s episode of Nashville. You just won’t. So, what’s the alternative? Surrender to mom-ish dowdiness for the rest of your days? No. Here’s a better plan – get a mom haircut!

What is a Mom Haircut?

There are two types of moms – those with mom haircuts, and…the others. Look around. If you see a mom who looks frazzled/homeless/dirty/like-she’s-given-up-on-life, she probably doesn’t have a mom haircut. She probably has her hair tied into a messy ball (bun) on the back of her head, but leaves it that way thinking, “Surely, tomorrow or the next day, I’ll have time to make it look like human hair or try a fun Pinterest-inspired creative braid.

Then, there’s the other mom. The SmartMom. She’s looks gorgeous/together/perfect/trendy/lovely/like-she’s-nailing-this-whole-mom-thing. I want to be her.

Chances are, SmartMom probably got a mom haircut. A mom haircut is a haircut that allows you to look put-together in five minutes or less. This haircut is usually something short and trendy.

How NOT to Do the Mom Haircut

Don’t go to your local Hair Cuttery and ask them to give you something easy. Oh, please don’t do that. If you want easy, you can get easy. Give yourself a buzz cut. That’s really easy! But, if you go for easy and forgo style, you’re not going to feel very good about yourself.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to execute a mom haircut. Yes, you want something that’s easy, but no, you don’t want something that’s ugly. Look to celebrities with short haircuts. Look on Pinterest. Look around at people who look cool and take pictures to a legitimate hair salon. You can maintain your look with a cheap hair salon, but when you get the initial cut you should be willing to pay a little more to get it right.

How to Maintain the Mom Haircut

So, you got the cut! Good job! But, if you’re like some moms, you stop there. You pay top dollar for a great cut and then you never do anything with it! Experiment. Buy headbands. Switch your bangs from side to side. Pin it up with bobby pins in different ways. If you don’t style it, what’s the point? Short haircuts are quick to blow dry and quick to style, but you might feel intimidated or lost if you don’t take the time to figure out what works for you and your beautiful face!

Something you need to invest in if you get a short haircut is dry shampoo. You can find it in the shampoo/hairspray aisle at any grocery store/pharmacy. Dry shampoo is great because short hair can get greasy-looking more quickly than long hair. Personally, I use dry shampoo even when my hair is clean just because it adds some body and bounce to finer hair.

You might want to watch a few YouTube videos on teasing hair, too. Teasing your roots, when you have a cute, short haircut can take your look from “just got out of bed” to “how do you have a 1-month-old and look so great all the time?!”

Here are some great websites you can visit to get ideas:

  •     MomFabulous.com – If you’re looking for the picture to take to the salon, you might want to start here. It’s got screen shots of magazine covers, and all sorts of awesome cuts.
  •     PolkaDotted.com – Here’s the site you should go to after you get the cut for updo and styling ideas.
  •     Cosmopolitan.com – This link leads to some great styling ideas for short hair, including accessories you should buy to dress up your do. This is also a great site/article to visit if you’re in the awkward stage of growing a short-haircut out.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, know that it is possible to look cute and relatively put-together on a daily basis, even when you have a tiny cherub puking and pooping on you all hours of the day and night. You just need to find the right mom haircut!


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