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How to Love Being Pregnant (And Your Pregnant Self)

It breaks my heart whenever I see blogs, Facebook statuses, and Instagram photos of pregnant friends talking about how horrible pregnancy is, especially by calling themselves whales, cows, and worst of all, FAT. Many people have issues with profanity but that’s one ‘F’ word I truly can’t stand. Pregnancy, one of the most beautiful and miraculous times in a woman’s life, definitely has it’s ups and downs and there’s no telling how off the charts your hormones may send you on any given day. But if there was ever a time to feel special, joyful, and beautiful, it’s when you’re pregnant! Believe it or not, it’s definitely possible to love being pregnant. Even if you aren’t one of those people who simply adores every aspect of pregnancy you can still find things to love about the process; most importantly, yourself.

You are literally creating life

Many people misuse the word literally when they’re trying to be dramatic by staying things like, “I’m literally starving right now” when it’s only an hour past lunchtime. But I’m here to remind you, without even a hint of drama or exaggeration, that when you become pregnant you (and your husband/partner) are literally creating a new life! How amazing is that? From a tiny flicker to a living breathing being pregnancy is, literally, the miracle of life. This fact is extremely important and one you should hold onto throughout the duration of your pregnancy. If ever there is a moment when you’re feeling exhausted and wondering if the morning sickness and bloating will ever subside, remind yourself that all the struggles of pregnancy are part of a bigger picture. You’re feeling sick because you are supporting more than just yourself. You’re feeling exhausted because you’re growing another human. Of course creating life isn’t easy, it’s hard work that takes time and sacrifice, and you are the rock star who is making it all happen!

And speaking of new life… did you know that the placenta is the only organ that has it’s own individual life cycle? It is created to be the connecting life force between you and your baby, provides nutrients, blood, and oxygen throughout pregnancy, and ends its life after your baby is born. I’ll admit it’s super medical and nerdy to think about but it’s still pretty cool!

You get princess parking… and other royal treatments

This might be a shallow reason to love being pregnant, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a valid reason. How many times have you caught a glimpse of an empty space while scouring a parking lot, started to pull in, only to realize it’s reserved for expectant mothers? With a bun in the oven you’re the one with the front row seat, or shall I say space.  There’s something incredibly empowering about being able to drive right up to those spaces without batting an eye. On a few occasions I was even offered a “Congratulations!” as I exited my car.

Special parking spaces aren’t the only perks that come with pregnancy. Society places pregnant women on a pedestal of heightened status and basically plasters a TREAT ME RIGHT sticker on women’s foreheads.  You’ll never have more doors held for you, by men and women, than when you’re pregnant. People will go out of their way to offer assistance when they see you’re rocking a beautiful baby bump. ENJOY IT! What a wonderful feeling to be so celebrated during that time.

The kicks

If there’s one thing I miss almost as soon as my babies are earth-side, it’s all the kicks, stretches, and rolls I felt while they were growing in my belly. During a time when you are anxiously awaiting the day you get to hold your baby, those sweet movements provide something truly special to connect to. Some mothers even claim to get to know their baby through his or her kicks. “Henry is going to be fidgety just like his father.” “Madeline has her mama’s love of mint-chocolate chip ice cream, she always dances about whenever I eat some!” Cherish those precious movements as a sign that your baby is growing and preparing for life in the real world. And even when one of those jabs lands on your bladder, which is never fun, just think of it as a special love tap designed to take your attention away from whatever you are doing and turn it to your baby.

Feel like a Vidal Sassoon model

The shift in pregnancy hormones might make your emotions go from zero to meltdown at the drop of a hat but they’re also giving you something special in return, a fabulous head of hair. Thicker, fuller, shinier manes are a standard addition to most women’s pregnancies. In fact, when people talk about having a pregnant glow, your luscious locks can take part of the credit. Take advantage by trying something new. Treat yourself to a salon day and let the stylists play. Especially for those of us who normally have thin hair, this is a welcome symptom that, when embraced, can make you feel truly beautiful.

There are dozens of other reasons to love your pregnant self from looking oh-so-adorable in today’s fabulous maternity fashions to blaming everything on those nutty hormones. The important thing is to find the joy in every single day. Happiness can actually improve your pregnancy all the way through labor and birth.

So while things like heartburn, unsolicited advice, swollen ankles, and morning sickness may derail your happiness from time to time, make sure you soak in all the good that pregnancy has to offer and let yourself be LOVED!

Now to hear from some other SmartMoms… What parts of pregnancy do you absolutely LOVE?

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