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20 Last Minute Holiday Gifts for Baby


Is your baby too young to wait up for Santa Claus or help you bake cookies? Not to worry! For them, the fun of Christmas is the general sense of warmth and joy, the excitement of spending time with extended family and all the interesting smells and sights that make an appearance at this time of year!

We talked to 20 bloggers and asked them their top picks on last minute holiday gifts for baby and new moms. Here’s a round up of their responses.

  1. Chelsey from Domestic Ingenuity recommends Make my Day baby bibs. I absolutely love this bib for babies and toddlers. They are made of 100% food-grade BPA free silicone. They are stain resistant (which is amazing), dishwasher safe and have a built-in crumb catcher. It has an adjustable strap that fits all the way from 6 months to 3 years old. Unlike other rubber bibs, these bibs are extremely soft and pliable. They can be washed and dried in minutes so they are great for on the go and to save laundry. Plus they last forever!
  2. Ashley from Coffee + Crumbs recommends The Austin Teething Necklace. The perfect gift for moms and babies, the Austin teething necklace is a win-win for everyone. Dress it up or dress it down, your baby can pull, chew, and tug on this blush colored necklace all day long. Necklace created by Chewable Charm. Buy it at Coffee + Crumbs.
  3. Amanda from Queso Suizo recommends Schylling Sock Monkey. I recently bought one to send to a friend in Germany because I wanted to give her daughter something quintessentially American. There is nothing more classic than a sock monkey toy. Plus, I love that it’s a gift children can enjoy from babyhood and beyond!
  4. Tracy from Having Fun Saving recommends Cariloha Bamboo Blanket. Cariloha Bamboo™ fabrics are made from a special blend of viscose from bamboo. Bamboo’s soft, silky feel, its ability to take colors well and its breathability are designed to appeal to those who seek the very best in natural luxury.
  5. Danielle from Today’s The Best Day recommends Poo-Pourri For Little Stinkers. The best gift to make someone LAUGH! And the best part?! It actually works! Spray where the stink happens and suddenly those dirty diapers are a little more bearable!
  6. Vicki from Joy of Mom recommends Mary Meyer Bestever Baby Mat. This is a fabulous baby gift for under $50! I asked my niece what her all time favorite baby gift was. And she said, without hesitation, the Mary Meyer Bestever Baby Mat. Both her girls use them and she said she don’t go anywhere without them. They are extremely durable and come in a “ton of different colors and animal options”. This sweet baby mat makes nap time a breeze wherever you go. It’s also nice to have to lay on the floor to add a little cushion because they are so plush! Her 18 month old still sleeps with hers in her crib. She love love love this for tummy time,mer too!
  7. Virginia from That Bald Chick recommends Boba Baby Wrap. I recommend the Classic Boba Wrap because baby wearing promotes bonding, helps baby feel secure, and helps Mom be able to do other things while keeping baby close.
  8. Jackie from Chicago Parent recommends Personal Creations cable sweater, hat and hanger. You spend nine months (or more) deciding on the perfect baby name. Proudly show it off embroidered on this beautifully made set. Once baby grows out of it, hang onto it! It’s the perfect keepsake they will treasure when they’re older.
  9. Melissa from Grace and Josie recommends Baby’s First Christmas Custom Ornament from Tiny Prints. The Baby’s First Christmas ornament from Tiny Prints is the perfect way to celebrate the momentous occasion of this new life for years to come!
  10. Cristen from The Naptime Reviewer recommends Melissa and Doug Classic Toy Pound-A-Peg. Classic wooden toys like the Pound-A-Peg from Melissa and Doug not only last longer than battery operated plastic toys, but they provide hours of open-ended play. This toy helps the child develop fine motor skills and color recognition.
  11. Nancy from Breastfeeding Reporter Blog recommends Breastfeeding Solutions app. I recommend the Breastfeeding Solutions app as a much better starting point than “Dr. Google” when a breastfeeding question or problem occurs. Online searches can be a real time-suck and lead to questionable sources. Breastfeeding Solutions covers issues from birth to weaning, makes it easy to find what you’re looking, and it contains only up-to-date, reliable information. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  12. Chelsea from Life With My Littles recommends Fisher-Price Little People Nativity. My favorite baby gift my kids ever got for Christmas was the Fisher Price Little People Nativity set. My son got it for Christmas when he was 9-months-old, and every year when we pull it out, he gets so excited! It’s the perfect nativity set because your little ones can play with it all the want and never break it! Plus, it’s a great way to help them understand what the real meaning of Christmas is. And honestly, it’s one of my favorite Christmas decorations, too!
  13. Kristen from Mommy in Sports recommends Aden + Anais Swaddle Blanket. I love giving Aden + Anais swaddle blankets because they’re not only great for newborns, but they fold up super small and they’re perfect for traveling, even with older kids. I still use them at movie theaters and on airplanes for my four and six-year-olds. I also often give white noise machines because they’re perfect in helping to soothe newborns to sleep without the need for rocking, pacifiers, or nursing or bottles.
  14. Dagmar from Dagmar’s Home recommends Sharie Criso’s online class “Simply Breastfeeding”. Since I’m a huge breastfeeding advocate, my favorite baby gift would be Sharie Criso’s excellent online class “Simple Breastfeeding” to help the new mom if she is interested in breastfeeding. Often the reason moms can’t breastfeed is because they don’t have the support and guidance they need. Sharie’s online classes teach you everything to be successful with breastfeeding in an easy-to-understand, non-judgmental way. I would recommend watching Sharie’s class way before the baby even arrives.
  15. Debi from Y Breast recommends Hands Free Pumping Bra. Every mom needs an extra set of hands! Multitasking is the name of the game with this hands-free pumping bra. The patented design holds flanges securely in place while pumping, leaving mom’s hands free to read, work, or shop (online, of course!). The comfortable fabric and “no-stitch” openings accommodate any breast pump, guaranteed. Made from an 88% polyester/12% spandex high-performance technical fabric, PumpEase will hold your pump in place as securely for your 1,000th pumping session as it did for your first. Easy to use and no need to remove your nursing bra. The 3-position hook-and-eye front closure adjusts for varying breast sizes and makes it easy to put on and take off.
  16. Heather from Brie Brie Blooms recommends Comfort & Harmony™ Woombie™ Perfect Peanut Swaddle. Our first daughter (now six years old) never slept well as an infant but baby #2 started using these swaddles early on and we LOVED them! They are lightweight and provide the perfect snuggly environment for baby to sleep!
  17. Camille from My Mommy Style recommends Hush Baby Hat. I was just introduced to this product this year and I am in love with it. This hat is made to protect your baby’s ears in loud environments as well as allow your baby to sleep more soundly when napping. With #4 on the way I know that my house wont be nearly as quiet as it was with my first babe so I am excited to use this in the house as well at sporting events or things that may be loud for the baby.
  18. Dionna from Code Name: Mama recommends “That’s Not My ____” Book Series. The “That’s Not My ______” books are a series of touchy-feely books designed for infants and toddlers, but they are such fun books your kids will love them for several more years. Aside from all of the educational benefits of the “”That’s Not My”” books, the best part about reading to your baby is that you are nurturing a love of reading. Every time you share joyful moments of connection with your little one through reading, they learn to associate books with love. What a wonderful way to create bookworms!The books have rounded corners so they will be safe for infants’ little fingers and mouths. The pictures have thick, black outlines to help babies’ eyes see them more easily. And each page has a different tactile experience to further sensory development.Toddlers will enjoy finding a sweet mouse on every page. There are so many opportunities for vocabulary building – every page has a different adjective that is related to the tactile patch. Even older children will love these books. The stories have predictable text, which will help your early readers read! There are 33 books in the series, on everything from puppies to tractors, and dragons to meerkats.
  19. Censie from Building Our Storyrecommends Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of the Beatles. My favorite baby gift under $50 is any of the Rockabye Baby CD’s, our favorite is the Beatles covers – our son’s name is Jude – that should explain that. These CD’s are a great gift for any new parents, babies or toddlers. There is a CD for every type of music lover and the renditions will have you singing with the lullabies! We love these CDs and both of our kids (3 and 5) still listen to them while they sleep. Instilling good music taste from infancy! Thanks Rockabye!
  20. Stefanie from Making of a Mom recommends TeachMy Baby Bathtime Numbers Learning Set. TeachMy Baby Bathtime Numbers Learning Set is a fun way to take learning to the tub. Who wouldn’t love to play with rubber duckies and floating number puzzles in the bathtub? Priced at $9.99 this is an affordable, fun toy available at Target.com, Walmart.com and Teachmy.com.

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