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What I’ve Learned: Jessica Kraus, Blogger

Jessica Kraus is a blogger and mom from Southern California.  Her blog “House of Habit” documents the upbringing of her three young boys, their wily antics, and her creatively decorated home.  You can follow Jessica’s life and travel adventures on Instagram or buy a homemade teepee from her Etsy store.  They’re totally cool.

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“My son Arlo Reed is almost eight. Blessed with his father’s fierce determination, he is a skilled skateboarder and an altogether friendly, ‘cool’ kid.  Leon Thomas is five and the heart of this family. He is super sensitive and incredibly temperamental. He makes us laugh non-stop. (Usually without meaning) He can just be so odd and neurotic some times, and I just love it.  Rex Michael is our baby. At only three and a half years, he is the toughest kid on the block. He is downright fearless in every aspect of the word. He is so BOY, it’s scary, but also happens to hand out the most kisses for his mommy. So he earns plenty of bonus points there. 

jessica kraus

With Arlo, everything fell easily and naturally into place for me. He was a prefect baby on an ideal schedule, so I recall feeling very satisfied in my new role as a mother. With Leon, I struggled a bit because he developed and hit all the major milestones at such a different pace than Arlo. I got caught up in comparing the two, which I realize now is such a waste of time seeing that all three of my boys are so totally different- it’s hard to believe they are all raised under the same roof!  But that’s the fun in it. I love watching each of them come into their own, on their own time, in their very own way. Becoming a mom has made me frightfully aware of how fleeting life is. Watching how quickly they grow and change just floors me. I am forever reminding myself to soak up every minute of it. People say it all the time, but it really does go by in a flash.

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I go to old women for parenting advice.  And by that I mean, grannies. I appreciate a taste of their old school sensibility and their views on raising children in a time of lesser needs. As well as their looking back on the fact. So much to offer by way of reflection. And “don’t sweat the small stuff” type advice, which I really need from time to time.

house inhabit

My favorite thing about being a parent is watching the bond between the boys grow stronger and therefore more complicated as they grow. It’s the neatest thing in the world to me. I also enjoy seeing babies grow into boys, and (at some point) little boys growing into men. I think it gives so much insight into understanding the male species in general.


I decided to start a blog because I wanted to freeze little moments in time, the stories of our life, if only for myself to enjoy. I’ve always been an overly sentimental person. The blog has been a nice way to document pieces of our journey as well as offer connection to other mothers raising kids around the same age at the same point in time. Plus it’s a super supportive community and has provided me an easy creative outlet for the past few years.

house of habitHonestly, my favorite blog post is probably the ones I’ve yet to actually share. Slightly more raw, honest thoughts on things I’ve yet to open up and share completely in various posts on the blog. But I’m hoping to change that at some point soon. I think it’s refreshing to find honest voices in the blog community. So much fluff and prop these days dominating the lifestyle blogs. That can really start to wear to you after a while.”

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