A mother looks at her daughter and wonders how to soothe teething pain.

How to Soothe Teething Pain ASAP

One of the hardest things about being a mom of an infant is seeing them distressed. Babies tend to cry as a way of telling us they need something. Sometimes it’s a wet diaper that needs to be changed. Sometimes it’s because they’re hungry even if it seems like you fed them just a moment ago. Sometimes they just need some cuddles. But when you’ve checked all these things off your list and they’re still crying, it could be the dreaded milestone of teething.

Most first time moms call their Pediatricians in panic as their babies cry out in agony and they soon learn that the cause for their babies’ anguish is the pain of teething. In that moment, moms and dads alike scramble around trying to find remedies for how to soothe teething pain that work quickly and are safe for their little ones.

This past week, my one year old was struggling in pain due to teething. She was drooling, putting everything in her mouth, holding her cheeks, and having a hard time sleeping. Since she’s generally a good sleeper and a recent Pediatrician visit ruled out ear infections, I knew another tooth was about to emerge. I used some remedies that have worked for us in the past. We all know that every baby is different, but here are some remedies that may help you figure out how to soothe teething pain ASAP!

Chilled teething toys.

Most moms agree that giving their babies something to chew on helps soothe teething pain. The pressure put against the emerging teeth by the toys seems to alleviate discomfort. So when in doubt, give your baby something to chew on!

Vibrating teething toys.

Certain teethers come with a vibrate feature. The toys vibrate when babies put pressure on them with their gums and this element seems to bring significant relief when the pain of teething is at its peak.

Mesh feeders with frozen fruit.

Putting frozen fruit such as blueberries or bananas in a mesh feeder allows your baby to gnaw on the sweet cold goodness while soothing and slightly numbing their gums. The nutrition from the fruit is an added bonus! Did somebody say snack time?

Topical gel for gums.

Recently, topical gels meant for teething babies that contain benzocaine as a numbing agent have been recalled due to some medical complications they caused. That being said, I have heard great things about Camilia. I chose to use gels with more natural ingredients and had success with Orajel Naturals. It has ingredients such as chamomile that help soothe gums without posing any medical danger upon infants. My baby’s pediatrician recommended applying some on her pacifier as well as her gums when I asked how to soothe teething pain.


Before we finally went the pediatrician for help with our baby’s discomfort caused by teething, I continually reached for acetaminophen. Recent studies show that acetaminophen should primarily be used to treat fevers. Our daughter’s pediatrician recommended ibuprofen for pain, especially pain caused by teething. It is known to help ease the inflammation of the gums and target pain better than acetaminophen. Many moms prefer to use home remedies rather than medication for teething pain. I felt the same, until I realized that if I have a headache or muscle pain, I take medicine to alleviate it. So why should I deprive my baby of relief if I can? I use it as a last resort, but I have to admit it has come in handy.

Every baby is different, but teething can pose discomfort for a baby at one time or another. When the dreaded phase of teething begins, it’s good to have a mental list of home remedies that can help ease your baby’s pain. Don’t forget the extra cuddles to help comfort your little one while they experience these essential growing pains!


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