how to make a baby bed

How To Make A Baby Bed: A Guide For New Moms

The moment I found out we were pregnant with our first baby, I started researching how we would decorate the nursery. From wall colors to decor to gliders, there were so many options to choose from! And as I started to shop around, I also did a little research on how to find the best items for my baby. As a first time mom, I needed a lot of information! One thing that I definitely wasn’t prepared for were all of the bedding recommendations. From the width of the crib slats to what types of bumpers you can use, there’s a lot more to consider than back in my college nanny days. And figuring out how to make a baby bed with so many warnings out there was a daunting task.

As you embark on this research yourself, one thing will immediately become clear: you’ll want to avoid bumpers, pillows, top sheets, lovies and even blankets in the crib to reduce your baby’s risk of SIDS. And while the things that go into how to make a baby bed have certainly changed in the last fifteen years, you don’t have to sacrifice a super cute set up for your little one. Below, I’ll give you my top tips for creating a safe and adorable baby nursery that’s sure to please!

Opt for a Beautiful Crib

Where cribs used to be a relatively standard piece of furniture, today you can get totally beautiful designs that don’t need embellishments to make a statement. Look for a pretty design that fits your style. My husband and I chose an espresso stained crib with a curved front – it’s gorgeous and I still love it, nearly three years after we originally purchased it. Cribs can get expensive, so shop around – most big retailers run regular sales or have great coupon programs you can sign up for. We ended up getting 20 percent off of our crib by asking a sales associate at the baby store when they were running their next sale – and that was about a hundred bucks back in our pocket! And since a nice crib will last longer, you’ll find that it’s a worthy investment if you’re planning to have more kids.

Stock up on Cute Sheets

If you’re wondering how to make a baby bed in style without violating any of the safety recommendations set forth by the AAP, then start shopping for awesome fitted sheets that fit your baby room style. There are tons of designs out there that you’re sure to love – from sweet to wacky to super fancy. And if you really want to take your baby room up a notch, look for fun linens that you can use around the rest of your nursery. We ordered a custom bed skirt and changing pad cover to match our adorable baby sheets, along with a super soft oversized blanket that I left folded on the back of the glider. It turned out to be a wise choice: that blanket definitely came in handy for staying warm during middle of the night feedings, and my little guy still carries it around like it’s his best friend today.

How to Make a Baby Bed: When in Doubt, Stay Simple

The most important thing to keep in mind when you’re making a baby bed is to leave any extras – blankets, toys, bumpers, etc. – outside of the crib to keep your baby safe. You can certainly use these fun additions throughout the rest of the nursery, they can make for great decor! They’re just better left for playtime than naptime. And if you’re worried that your baby will get chilly at night, invest in a few sleep sacks – they’re a safe alternative to blankets and swaddling that most pediatricians trust.
Ultimately, you don’t have to sacrifice a cute nursery design to make up a cute baby bed. You just need to get a little creative and think outside of the box. With some ingenuity, you’ll come up with a beautiful baby bed and nursery design that will be the envy of all your friends!

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