A mom with her toddler wonders how to increase fertility naturally.

How to Increase Fertility Naturally

If you’re at the point where it’s time to get yourself in baby making shape, chances are you want to know how to up your chances of success the natural way. There are no supplements or superfoods that will guarantee a positive result on your pregnancy test, but there are ways to make your body more enticing to a potential resident. Keep in mind that not all natural remedies are the right fit for you, so before you try anything out, consult your doctor. Here are a few adjustments that you can make in your life for how to increase fertility naturally.

Curb your enthusiasms.

Now, I don’t mean your can-do spirit! I mean those things that might be a treat for you – coffee, cocktails and cigarettes. The three C’s should be the first adjustments in your life. Drinking coffee in moderation is okay. In fact, I drank a cup in the morning every morning while pregnant (Minus those 8 weeks while coffee was the bane of my existence….thankfully I grew out of that!). However when you’re not pregnant, it’s easy to have a third, fourth, or fifth cup of coffee on a day that is dragging. Experts say that having more than five cups of coffee a day will negatively affect your fertility. So, stick to less than 16 ounces a day to be safe. As for alcohol, there are some studies that suggest drinking two alcoholic beverages a day will decrease your fertility by 60%. Again, moderation should be used during this time. In contrast, smoking should be stopped entirely. WebMD discusses how cigarette smoking affects both women’s and men’s fertility. The side effect is the uterus becomes less receptive to the egg, therefore lowering the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Aim for a healthy weight.

While considering how to increase fertility naturally, this is a good time to examine your physical health and weight. If you have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25-39, meaning you are overweight, you will take double the time to conceive versus if you were at a “healthy” weight. If your BMI is under 19, meaning you are underweight, you will have an even harder time conceiving. WebMD references a study that proved “Time to conception was increased fourfold in women with a BMI below 19.” Aim for a healthy weight, meaning a BMI ranging from 19-24. Remember, a healthy weight doesn’t mean eating 1,000 calories a day to lose weight or just eating ice cream to gain weight. Some simple adjustments for how to increase fertility naturally could be to drink more water, add vegetables to every meal, and skip sugary snacks. Consult your physician or a registered dietician to plan a program that will help you meet your goal.

Have more sex.

Yup, you read right! Increasing the amount of sex you have only during ovulation won’t up your chances of success like having consistent frequent sex will. Abstaining from sex for longer than five days will actually decrease a man’s sperm count, so saving up for the ovulation window is not wise. Some might think, “We get to have sex everyday!” but in the real world, this may be more work than play. Experts say having sex every other day yields comparable fertility chances, so aim closer to that and enjoy!

Most importantly, remember that fertility is ultimately out of your control.

Now that you know a few tricks for how to increase fertility naturally, take a step back and realize that all you can do is your best. You may do all the right things, plan everything out perfectly, but it will happen when it is supposed to happen. Take comfort in knowing that the longer you are consistently trying, the better your chances are to succeed. In fact, couples who are trying to conceive for 12 months have an 85% fertility rate. So, when your friend asks you how to increase fertility naturally, let her know: stay away from the three C’s, eat your greens, and enjoy some intimate time with your partner!


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