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How to Have a Baby Shower for Your Second Baby

First pregnancies (and first born children) are so wonderfully celebrated! Everyone is in awe of the beautiful first time mother and enjoys showering her with gifts for the soon to arrive first baby. What about second babies? Many second-time moms wonder how to have a baby shower, or if one is appropriate, for their new child. Every new life is so precious, and every pregnancy is special. There’s no reason why we can’t have a shower (or sprinkle, or party, or celebration) for each new baby of the family! Although a large formal shower might not feel necessary for a second baby, there are many ways to come together to celebrate the mom, baby, and the whole family as they welcome a new member into their lives.

Make It Family Friendly

Host a more casual, family friendly get together and invite dads and kids too. An open house atmosphere takes away the typical “baby shower” vibe and will feel more like a baby welcoming! Think of doing something like a BBQ with some outdoor games, or if you’re indoors, have some activities people can get involved in at tables like decorating onesies with fabric paint or fabric markers and voting on babies stats to win a prize. Keep it fun and casual and do little things to celebrate that are personal to your family.

Make It A Diaper Party

Parents need diapers for new babies, whether or not it’s the first baby! Guests could come bearing the gift of packs of diapers to help the couple stock up for the months and years of diapering that lie ahead.

No Gifts Please!

If you have everything you need and/or you really don’t want it to be about gifts, but about the baby, then it’s a good idea to have “no gifts necessary” or a gift alternative “in lieu of gifts, bring…”. The only reason some people get flustered about one family having multiple baby showers is because they have a hard time purchasing gifts. Make it easy for them to come and celebrate without the expectation of material gift giving.

Keep It Small

Instead of a large party, have a more intimate gathering of your close family and friends who will be there supporting you once the baby arrives. This doesn’t have to be formal with invitations! Call up your closest family and friends and invite them over for an afternoon or evening to celebrate the new baby. You could watch some home movies, set out the photo albums and get nostalgic. Set out the snack foods and just let the stories flow!

Have a Blessingway (Mother Blessing)

A Blessingway, or a Mother Blessing, is a Navajo tradition of honoring the mother before the birth of her child. Women that are closest with the mother all gather together for her – to support, love, encourage, share, and bless her. As she hears her friends, aunts, mothers, and grandmothers stories of birth and motherhood, she will feel empowered and also welcomed into motherhood with the support of the women in her life. Even for a second child, this is still wonderful because there are always anxieties before a new baby and it is a calming, loving experience to have with her closest friends.

Celebrating the second baby doesn’t have to be a social faux pas. It’s simply friends and family gathering in excitement to welcome the new baby and surround the expecting mother (and rest of the family!) with love before a big life change! Whether you’re the expectant mother throwing the party (it’s ok, really!) or if someone else is throwing it for you; keep it lighthearted, fun, and let the expectations be known that it’s not a typical gift opening party, but a gathering together for the love of the baby and family.



Going to start registering for my baby shower. We have all the basics, crib, car seat, stroller. Was wondering if there was something people wouldn’t normally think of that you found very helpful with your first LO?

“Who threw your baby shower when you were pregnant? No one has offered and I don’t want to ask my friend although she has offered to help with anything I need. She’s not really into baby shower games/planning showers. I want a shower but not sure what I should do?”

I have SO many handmedowns. Stroller, car seat, crib, clothes, and toys! And more. Does anyone have any advice about what I should do about my baby shower? Do you think I should still put those items on my registry to have multiples? Or should I just put like crib sheets and blankets, diapers, that kind of thing? What should I do? I’m probably going to have about 100 people at my shower.

Please give me advice on this. Aarons mom arguing with me. She said she was throwing me a baby shower for their side of the family I said no I’m only having one my mom is throwing it but I’d like everyone to come if they can. And she said we’ll I’m still throwing it it’s your decision if you come or not. Continued….

My friends baby shower is this Saturday & she asked if I could think of cool baby shower games but I’m so clueless!!! any tips or ideas ladies?

“Ok moms i need help!! What is a cute baby shower theme for boys?

“I need advice- My hubby’s best friends are expecting with their first just like us, but they’re a month ahead. The wife invited me to her baby shower but my hubby’s ex is going to be there. His ex used to stalk me and makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. The wife knows this but she still invited me. I told her I’m not going. But am I wrong for not wanting to go? She’s currently not talking to me because I’m not going. But we aren’t even close and I really can’t stand to be around his ex.”

Help! Any low cost baby shower food suggestions?! I’m expecting 50-60 ppl and I don’t want to spend a TON of money feeding every one.

I was asked what baby shower theme I’d like and I have no clue! Any ideas for a girl baby shower? I feel bad because i know i won’t want all pink, nor mermaid theme, or circus, or jungle? What else is there?? HELP!

30 weeks today. And trying to get ready for baby. So far all u have is a few onesies. And prop won’t have a baby shower do to moving and not knowing anyone. Any ideas on how I can get ready on a very low budget? Tips? Tricks? Things that are pointless to get?


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