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How to Form A Twin Registry

Being pregnant with twins is stressful, but sometimes putting together a gift registry for not just one baby but two can prove to be equally overwhelming! First of all, take a deep breath! Remember that every baby is different. One baby may love being swaddled while the other will prefer to stretch out. One may prefer a pacifier while the other can take comfort in a particular stuffed animal or blanket. The point is, you won’t know until they arrive. However, being prepared by putting together a registry that ensures others will know what you think you will need will help you feel a bit more equipped for the amazing adventure ahead! Most moms who are expecting twins assume that just putting two of everything on their registry is a simple fix, but doing some careful planning before you go to the store and begin scanning items can prevent your stress level from going through the roof.

Here are some tips on how to form a twin registry.

Register at a store with a good return or exchange policy. Because you will be putting a lot of items on the registry, almost always doubling the quantity of each item, make sure you register at a store that provides excellent customer service, including easy returns and exchanges. Some stores are very strict and impose timelines and specific limitations that make it frustrating and difficult to return or exchange items you don’t need.

Include specific colored items on your registry for color-coding. This can help you avoid spreading germs between the babies and to keep you organized in the midst of the chaos. Illnesses such as thrush can spread quickly in babies, so color coding items such as bottles and pacifiers can help prevent spreading it between your twins. It can also help you remember which baby you fed last, for example, when you see a certain color bottle in the sink or on the kitchen counter.

Include diapers and wipes. Some moms forget to include these essentials on their registry, but if you’re having twins, you will do A LOT of diaper changes, and diapers and wipes can be expensive, even with coupons. Be sure to incorporate different brands of diapers and wipes to see which ones work best for your babies.

Assume both babies will be eating, sleeping or fussing at the same time, so it’s a good idea to double up on some of the items in your registry!

Here are just a few items to consider including two of:

Bottle warmers

Car seats

Boppy pillows for support during feeding, even if you don’t breastfeed

Both a swing and a bouncy infant seat to help comfort both babies at the same time if need be

High chairs

Pack ‘n Plays

Here are some items you may not think to put on your registry, but could be helpful:

A large diaper bag

Both a double stroller and single stroller in case you go out with just one baby at a time

If you include toys, make sure you get two of each – you don’t want them fighting over a toy down the line.

Extra sheets and mattress liners

Extra receiving or swaddle blankets

When you’re expecting twins, it’s good to be prepared, and having a gift registry set up and ready to go will help put your mind at ease and direct your friends and family in purchasing what you, the mommy-to-be, need to feel equipped.


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