House Chores for Kids

House Chores for Kids: Here’s How It’s Done

Every family is different, but when it comes to assigning house chores for kids, we couldn’t be more diverse. We asked a few SmartMoms their opinions and received some interesting opinions and ideas. What is your preferred household system for chores and allowances? Let us know in the comments!

We asked: “What is your opinion on chores and allowance? How early do you start that routine, if at all? How do you structure them?”

Here’s what we learned:

“Chores are a must in our house. I think chores can be started as soon as you feel comfortable with it.  My 5 and 6 year old clean out the dishwasher as their chore.  I still help if they need it though.  My nine year old will take out the trash and mow the yard.  We do pay them for doing chores.  By doing this it makes them feel they are contributing and play a part in our household.  Something we do not pay them for is cleaning their rooms. That is just a responsibility we expect from them.” – Amy from A Cup Full of Sass

“I think children should have chores while growing up to learn some responsibility. They need to learn that they need to help around the home and pull their own weight. Allowance is great, but I don’t know that I will give an allowance for just chores. Allowance will be given based on behavior/attitude, as well as helping around the home. My children start doing chores around age 3, it can be something as simple as unloading the dishwasher, using the Swiffer on the floors, or wiping down baseboards. Since my children are only 2 and 5, we are pretty relaxed about them right now, but as they get older we will implement a chore chart to keep track of what needs to be done.” – Darci from Everything Mommyhood

“I believe that chores are great for kids, age appropriate chores of course. They help your kids learn to not only clean up after themselves and help out around the house, but it teaches them some discipline and structure as well and most kids need that.  I suggest that parents try out different chores and ways to do them/ keep track of them and see what works best for your family.  For our kids, we write down on dry erase boards what they’ve done and at the end of the week we give them allowance for it based on the number they’ve done.” – Amber from Amber Nicole

“My children are ages 6 and 9, and they have chores. They do the dishes (we don’t have a dishwasher) and set the table for dinner. They are also expected to make their beds, keep their room clean and also put away their backpacks and lunchboxes. They’ve had chores — though not these exact ones — since they were in preschool. I think it’s an important part of being a family — they do their part to make sure our house is neat, clean and well-taken care of. That said, they don’t presently have an allowance. As a 6 and 9 year old, I am not sure they need it right now. When they get a little older, I will rethink that for sure.” – Sarah from Sarah Cucina Bella

“I think you can start giving chores to kids pretty young, around five or so. Whether or not you want to give an allowance or not is up to you. We give a small allowance if they consistently do their chores throughout the week, and then they can save up for something they want or spend some money on vacation. However, we do withhold their allowance if they don’t do all their chores. We have a list for each child and get the best results if we consult it often and they get into the habit of helping out around the house. We also often ask them to help out in other ways that aren’t on their list.” – Andrea Newell, SmartMom Contributor

“In our family we strongly believe in chores at a young age, age appropriate of course.  With our son and daughter we have them clean up their toys every evening before bed and that chore started at 18 months!  My son who is 4 now is learning more chores such as watering the garden, clearing the dinner table and even helping with the vacuum.  We currently do not do an allowance but would like to start thinking about a chore chart completion activity that would help Jude start earning some money.  I think it is important to have children contribute to the daily tasks in a family home and also begin the education of money. “ – Censie from Building Our Story

“We give an allowance so our kids have a little spending money.  They need to pull their own weight as part of the family, which means keeping their rooms straight and helping when needed. Right now, in first year of college and going into 10th grade, we have just wanted them to concentrate on getting good grades. My college daughter got a scholarship for this year covering all but books, so we think we made the right decision in not suggesting she get a job. She will probably get one later in the first semester to begin getting work experience.” – Kelly from Virtually Yours




I was talking to another mommy and she told me that my 4 yr old has to have chores by now. What do you mommies think ? If you have a child with chores, what are good chores?

Do you think 3 years is too young to assign simple daily chores? How do you handle giving your kids responsibility?

Do you reward your kids for doing chores? If so what do you reward them with?

Hi Moms, How many of you make your kids do chores?

At what age do kids become “more independent”? And by that, I mean at what age can a kid sit by herself while you make dinner or do chores?

“I made chore charts for my girls today, they’re 5 and 3. How do I keep them excited [about chores] after the first few days?”

Suggestions for age approximate chores for three year old girl?

Any moms that have chore lists for their kids? The part that stumps me is appropriate chores for their ages..

What kinds of chores do your elementary school children do?

What are some chores a two-year-old can do?

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