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Help! I Have Hair Falling Out Postpartum

Being pregnant can give you an awesome glow – between the lustrous hair, the gorgeous nails, the plump lips and the rosy cheeks, many pregnant mamas find themselves feeling pretty gorgeous, despite the gigantic baby belly. Then baby comes, where you get thrown into the fog that is the first two months postpartum. And sometime between six and eight weeks, you’ll likely find yourself in the shower where you suddenly see that gorgeous mane from pregnancy is suddenly running down your drain. You have hair falling out postpartum. While your immediate response is to freak out – don’t! It’s totally normal – and like pretty much everything else that’s pregnancy related, it all comes back to hormones.

The Purge

There’s a time after you give birth that my friends and I lovingly refer to as “the purge.” When you’re pregnant, the increase of hormones multiplying in your system means your body doesn’t shed your hair regularly like it otherwise would. That’s part of the reason why you have some many fabulous hair days while you’re living the preggo life! After baby comes, those hormones start to leave your body – and you start to shed all of that excess hair like it’s your job. A little unnerving, yes. You might even have to invest in some drain clog remover. But it’s a side effect that does go away and your hair will likely return to normal within a few more months.

The thing to remember with hormone changes is that it can make you feel pretty out of sorts for a few weeks. Your emotions can feel like they’re on a roller coaster – kind of like they do in the first trimester of pregnancy. You might feel exhausted, because on top of caring for a newborn, your body is trying it’s hardest to get back to some semblance of normal. And then there’s my personal favorite, the incessant sweating. There were days after both of my children were born where I literally showered three times a day, just because I couldn’t stop the stink. It was totally gross and embarrassing, but I got through it – just like you will!

It Gets Better

The good news is that this state of hormonal purging doesn’t last forever – in fact, it’s usually gone within two weeks of when it starts. Yes, some of your hair does fall out – but the next time you’re getting your hair done, ask your stylist to show you all the new baby hairs growing back in place of the hair you lost. While it does take time for hair to grow, you can rest soundly knowing that your locks will soon look as beautiful as ever – you just need to be patient.

With that being said, leading a healthy lifestyle can help your body – and your hair – get back to normal more quickly. Continuing to take a multivitamin every day, eating well balanced meals, drinking lots of water and being active can help your body stay healthier and make you feel better. Plus, a healthy diet can lead to healthier, stronger hair. I realize that this is much easier said than done, because life with a newborn can be chaotic. Doing what you can and cutting yourself some slack is the best way to stay healthy – and pretty soon, you’ll laugh about that time your hair started to fall out in the shower!

That Postpartum Stuff

Having a baby is hard work. Taking care of a newborn is, too. Going through the postpartum period – and all of the not-so-fun changes that come with it – is completely normal. Just remember to cut yourself some slack. Like everything baby related, you’ll get through it, one day at a time. Focus your energy on building yourself up and taking care of your sweet little family – you’ll be on the other side of the hormonal haze before you know it!



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