Giveaway – Win A Year of Free Diapers

fb_ad_diaper_giveawayAs any veteran parent can tell you, 90% of the stuff you receive at your baby shower is useless. You’ll get dozens of newborn clothes that your baby grows out of after two weeks. You’ll get a wonderful bouncy chair only to find out your kid hates it. And you’ll get three copies (minimum) of Goodnight Moon.

But one thing you can never have enough of is diapers. Your little one is going to go through at least dozen a day. It’s likely you will find yourself (or your partner) making trips to the grocery store in the middle of the night several times because you ran out. It’s all very inconvenient (not to mention expensive).

To those of you who use cloth diapers we commend you! But for the rest of you, today could be your lucky day.

SmartMom is getting ready to release the first version of its app, and in preparation we’re running a contest where you could win…

A Year’s Supply of Free Diapers

It’s super simple – just head over to our contest page and enter your email address. We’ll announce the winner here on October 1st. Enter today, and don’t forget to tell your friends and tweet this post- your chances of winning will increase with each friend you refer!



Who loves free diapers?..because I do!

My 4mo is a heavy bed wetter while he sleeps.. any diaper suggestions?

Congrats to Chantelle G for winning Aprils contest, good luck to whoever wins free diapers..

I got a bag of free diapers from a friend and now my LO has a rash.. anyone have any good tips?

Best cloth diapers and tricks and tips??

Just got an email for May’s contest! A year of free diapers!..

Websites where they give you free diapers samples.. where can I sign up for coupons?

Any Colorado Springs moms know where I can get free diapers?

What are the best alcohol free diaper wipes that you can get from the store?

Money saving tip… check out Shopkicks, Ibotta and Walmarts savings catcher..


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