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Getting Your Toddler To Listen

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Getting your toddler to listen can be a difficult challenge. Three years old, what a magical, adorable age. Except when your toddler is not listening, which is most of the time he is awake. These five suggestions may make dealing with your little one a little less stressful, and may even help with getting your toddler to listen.

1. This is the time out bible, and you should purchase and memorize it right away. If your toddler is doing something s/he is not supposed to do, like, for example, refusing to put on shoes, you say, “that’s 1…. that’s 2…. and that’s 3 and we go into time out.”  You must be consistent, and never waffle, or insert a “2 and a half.” Once you start counting, if your child doesn’t listen, it’s time out after 3. Time out can be in your child’s room, on the steps, or in a designated chair.  If your child gets up and leaves time out, you silently return her to the time out place.  This can be made easier by using an egg timer, which you set for one minute per age of child. The key is the egg timer goes on only once your child is seated silently (or crying, but not screaming) in time out.

Do not engage with your child during time out.  The real name for time out is “time out from positive reinforcement.”  So basically, you’re punishing them with boredom.  And if you talk to them, even about how they didn’t listen, they aren’t bored anymore, and you’ve just taken away the whole point of time out.

2. Keep your expectations low.  You can’t use time out for everything or your house will become a joyless battlefield. A toddler has very low impulse control, so pick your battles. Aim for, at most, one battle per hour. If they won’t put on their shoes, and that’s your battle, then you have to relax about them not eating their lunch. And so forth.

3. Bribe when necessary. We all do it, and sometimes you need your kid to listen right now or your splitting headache will turn into a nervous breakdown. Here are my favorite bribes: 20 minutes of iPad time, 20 minutes of TV, 1 jellybean (Jelly Belly are all natural and 4 calories each so I’m not too worried about them being candy), or Special Time with Mommy. What’s this, you ask?

3. Special Time with Mommy: I know I say this a lot, but this is an all-purpose awesome parenting technique. If your toddler knows she is going to get to do a special 15 minute activity of her choice with you, she will be a lot easier to handle. The rules of special time are as follows: it must be 10-15 minutes, you must let them choose the activity, and you must not teach, question, or otherwise annoy your child during the activity. All you’re allowed to do is narrate what’s going on, like this:

“Hey, you’re putting the Lego man on the slide! Look at that, down he goes. Now I’m putting the Lego man on the horse. Neigh!”

You may think this sounds like a strange way to interact, but it’s kids’ favorite thing in the world. It’s all your attention, focused solely on them, without you trying to get them to act a certain way or answer some question. Try it!

These techniques will hopefully help with getting your toddler to listen when she acts less than angelic. And if all else fails, the toddler years will be over soon.


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