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Why a Weekly Father Daughter Date Night is a MUST

Growing up I was always thankful for the close relationship I had with my father. I have such fond memories of loving that he was my soccer coach, laughing when he tried to scare my hiccups away, running to him as my loose-tooth expert, and helping him cook breakfast for our church’s men’s group. Being around him was, and still is, always fun and I looked forward to the one-on-one moments we spent together. But it wasn’t until I got married and had a little girl of my own that I realized just how important that bond ended up being in my life. The impact it had on the way I expected to be treated by the guys I dated, what I looked for in the man I ended up marrying, and what I expect my husband to provide for our daughter cannot be overrated. Now I am thrilled to watch the bond between my husband and daughter flourish as he teaches her all the essential lessons that only a father can bestow on his little girl. One way I encourage their relationship to grow is through a weekly father daughter date night.

Dads love it

Men love feeling like experts. Who better to marvel at their professionalism than a doe-eyed little girl who already sees him as a hero? Your husband will never be as proud as when he has taught his daughter one of his favorite activities, from soccer or Xbox to fishing or praying over her meals. Whatever it may be his heart will swell when we watched his little girl fall in love with something that they can both enjoy. My dad coached me in soccer for most of my elementary and middle school years and I know the happiness he felt seeing me out on the field with a hey dad, look at me grin. The skills your husband teaches his little girl will last her entire life and he’ll be able to look back and say, “I taught her that. That’s my little girl”.

Daughters love it

You always hear about a dad being wrapped around his daughter’s finger. This is truly evident when referring to the one-on-one time they share. If the thrill on your daughter’s face when she runs up to you shouting “Mommy, guess what daddy and I did!” isn’t a clear enough sign that your little girl loves spending time with her daddy, I don’t know what is!  It’s a rare event when a little girl isn’t excited to be with their doting dad, especially if dad works out of the home and doesn’t get a lot of playtime during the day. As your daughter gets older and you can designate a certain night as their daddy and me date night and you’ll quickly realize how much she looks forward to that special time. Especially when she wakes up excited that, “It’s Tuesday! It’s daddy and me night!”

One-on-One Time

Getting one on one time with each parent is important for any child, boy or girl. It allows them to have your undivided attention and helps build individual relationships within your family. This is especially important when your family grows and little siblings enter the picture. New babies mean attention gets divided and older siblings can feel neglected with the new baby buzz. When they can cash in on some undivided attention from dad, and allow mom to focus on the newest addition(s) it reminds them that they are still important, they are still loved, and they will never be replaced.

Break for Mom

Mothers and daughters have a very special bond. They can also have a very special kind of tension. It’s just in our God-given drama genes. Getting a break from unwanted stress can be a relationship saver at any age. Moms will appreciate having some time alone and daughters get a much-needed break from the everyday routine. Moms, as you know, often feel like they have to do it all, especially when it comes to raising the kids. Even with the most helpful husbands our mommy instincts will naturally take over and send us into an overdrive of caring for, cleaning up after, changing, cuddling, and coo cooing our kids. When it’s daddy’s turn we are able to relax and remember that we have a valuable partner in crime who is equally responsible for bolding our children to be the best people they can be.

With every father-daughter date night the bond will grow stronger. Your family will grow closer. Your husband will fill with pride. Your daughter will learn valuable lessons, some of which she won’t even know about until she is a grown woman with daughters of her own. Making these one-on-one adventures a staple in your home is the perfect first step to forming the long-lasting and vitally important bond between a man and his little girl.

What other ways do you encourage the father-daughter bond in your home?

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