Here are some frequently asked questions (and answers!) about the SmartMom community.

How Do I Sign Up for SmartMom?

You can sign up for SmartMom using your e-mail address or with your Facebook account. Using Facebook to log in does not allow SmartMom to post to your wall or message anyone without your permission!

What Smart Phones does SmartMom Work On?

SmartMom is available for iPhone and Android. Click here to download for iPhone and here for the Android play store.

What Do I Do if I Forget My Password?

If you forget your password, click the “Forgot Your Password?” button beneath the login area in the App. Enter your email address and click “Reset My Password”. You will be emailed a link to change your password. Click the link, enter your new password, and you’re done!

How Do I Get Stars?

Stars are earned when other members find your answer to a question helpful, so they reward your input by clicking the star by your response. The more helpful you are to the SmartMom community, the more stars you will earn. Also, the more stars you earn, the more chances you have to win our Monthly Contest!

How Can I Get More Stars?

Responses that are well thought out, helpful, friendly and valid tend to earn many stars! Consider your response thoughtfully and do your best to help the person in a non-judgmental way. Give a personal anecdote, be supportive, cite a source for further reading, and in general be knowledgeable on the subject you are responding to. When others find your answer helpful, you’ll receive more stars.

How Do I Share SmartMom with My Friends?

We now have an awesome sharing feature in the app! To invite your friends, follow these instructions.

First, make sure you’ve installed the latest version of the app. Open up the menu by clicking the icon in the upper left corner. Click “Invite Friends”. On this screen, you can click to sync your address book and then find friends to invite. Clicking ‘invite’ opens up a text message with a link to download the app. You can also connect to Facebook here and find friends to follow who are already using SmartMom.

What Kind of Questions Should I Ask?

SmartMom is a place for moms to gain tips and support from each other. Questions related to parenting, pregnancy, labor, baby development, child development, and motherhood. If it’s a question you’d ask a fellow mommy friend, you can ask in the SmartMom App.

What Kind of Questions Should I NOT Ask?

SmartMom can be a great place to learn home remedies for minor ailments, but keep serious medical concerns between you and your doctor.  No one within the App can give you real medical advice, especially in the event of an emergency.

SmartMom is not responsible for the content on the site, but we do make an effort to remove content that does not comply with our End User License Agreement.

If you believe people are taking advice that could harm themselves or their child, please report it to SmartMom and we can take it down or contact the proper authorities.  The report function in the app is available for every question and comments, and sends us an immediate alert when you see inappropriate content.

What kind of photos should I share and which ones should I keep to myself?

Photos can be a great way to further explain a question you have, or to share proud mama moments throughout your day.  Feel free to post photos of yourself, your little one, or that big serving of vegetables that your 2 year old devoured, like a rock star.

However, some photos are better kept private.  Anything involving nudity, spam, or foul symbols or behavior will not be approved by our community moderators.

When will we be able to (insert awesome feature) on the app?

We are always interested in your ideas and feedback! If you have ideas for improving the app, or would like to share any feedback, please don’t hesitate to email support@smartmom.co.